Tackling Fuel Poverty

Benefits for Social Tenants

The Council has the most energy efficient public sector stock in the UK with an average energy efficiency rating of NHER 8 being part way through to achieving its target of NHER 9. Most of the traditional energy conservation measures have already been installed with most of the effort now concentrated on external wall insulation (as part of overcladding planned preventative maintenance works) and private wire residential CHP and renewable energy systems to provide affordable heating to all Council tenants, where the Council provides heating, by 2010/11.

Benefits for Fuel Poor Households

Although the greatly increased energy conservation grants and the inclusion of heating for low income over-60ís, chronically sick and the disabled in the New HEES (Warm Front) are to be welcomed there are some fuel poor households that now fall outside the eligibility criteria for New HEES/New HEES Plus.

In developing its fuel poverty strategy the Council recognised that some fuel poor households in the private sector needed top measures over and above the old HEES maximum grants to provide them with full energy conservation measures (eg., draughtproofing, cavity wall and loft insulation) which it funded through SRB for Sheerwater and Maybury and the CRI for the remainder of the Borough up to 1999/2000. The Council has included further funding in its HIP for 2000/01 to 2005/06 to address top up measures to Warm Front and for fuel poor households that fall outside of Warm Front, taking advantage of EESoP, EEC and other grants where it can to tackle fuel poverty in the Borough.

Out of 32,500 private sector households in Woking, over 10,000 households have so far taken advantage of the Councilís energy conservation schemes from 1996 to 2002, of which nearly 3,000 households have been provided with grant aided energy conservation scheme grants to provide full insulation measures.
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