The Renewable Hydrogen Energy Economy Blueprint for Woking

Most renewable energy technologies are intermittent electricity generators only and even biomass has its practical and physical limitations. Government and most green groups tend to focus on renewable electricity only and yet 70% of the UKís building energy needs is thermal and transport energy is overlooked!

Nuclear energy cannot practically provide the nationís thermal and transport energy needs but renewable energy can provide continuous generation for the nationís electrical, thermal and transport energy needs through the application of the Hydrogen Economy. There is more than enough renewable energy resources to achieve this and the intermittent generation problem can be overcome by making use of biomass reforming and electrolysers enabling electricity to be stored in the form of hydrogen and the same process applied for fuelling hydrogen fuel cell transport, dispensing with the need for on board reformers. Hydrogen can also be used for fuel cell CHP systems, thereby achieving the renewable thermal energy as well as electricity aims.
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