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Team Green MotorSport and GAF Completes WAVE 2013

22 Jul 2013 - Team 20, Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport and his co-driver, Leora Rosner of the Growing Air Foundation have just returned after successfully completing the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition, WAVE 2013. Driving the new electric Peugeot ION they collected first prize for Best Car Decoration.

Mayor announces key appointment to set up a Climate Change Agency for London

20 Oct 2004 - Mayor of London Ken Livingstone today announced that Allan Jones MBE, green energy pioneer at Woking Borough Council, will become the driving force be

Case Studies

24 Feb 2003 - 1. DTI/AEP/CHPA Electricity Trading in the New Market Issue No.4 - 1998 in Practice - Case Study No.1 Woking Borough Council - September 1998. 2. DET

Woking: Local Sustainable Energy Communities

24 Feb 2003 - This paper summarises a practical strategy for a sustainable energy society deriving its initial energy needs from energy efficient low carbon energy

Energy Services for the New Millenium

24 Feb 2003 - BackgroundWoking Borough Council has implemented a series of sustainable energy projects in the past 11 years, including the UKís first small-scale co

Tackling Fuel Poverty

24 Feb 2003 - Benefits for Social TenantsThe Council has the most energy efficient public sector stock in the UK with an average energy efficiency rating of NHER 8

Thameswey ESCO - Sustainable Energy Systems

24 Feb 2003 - As part of the DETR funded Energy Saving Trust ESCO Programme, the Council obtained leading counselís opinion on local authority vires with respect to

Woking Town Centre CHP - Phase 1

24 Feb 2003 - IntroductionThe buildings connected to Phase 1 of the sustainable community energy network comprise the Civic Offices, Victoria Way Car Park (where th

Woking Park - Fuel Cell CHP

22 Feb 2003 - IntroductionThe sponsors of the project are the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Advantica Technologies Ltd (formerly BG plc), the Energy Savin

Sustainable Energy Development

22 Feb 2003 - Thameswey Ltd., is working with a number of local authorities and developers on projects outside the Borough of Woking and the first of these projects

Renewable Energy

22 Feb 2003 - IntroductionAlthough generally too expensive to implement as a stand-alone technology on conventional payback criteria without grant support or subsid

Green Transport

22 Feb 2003 - Transport StrategyThe Councilís transport strategy is part of the Climate Change Strategy for Woking and includes:- Setting improved standards for ta


22 Feb 2003 - Water Efficiency The Council has implemented a range of water conservation and efficiency measures, including cistern dams, tap regulators, flow cont

Waste and Recycling Background

22 Feb 2003 - The Council recycled 17.2% of household waste in 2001/2002. The Council has 29 mini and 3 major recycling centres throughout the Borough. Each site ha

Waste Management Strategy

22 Feb 2003 - The Waste Management Strategy was approved by the Council in December 2002 with a view to reducing the requirement for landfill to less than 15% of it

Sustainable Energy

22 Feb 2003 - Sustainable energy is anything that enables energy supplies to be made sustainable, either now or in the future, by putting in place such energy syste

Climate Change

22 Feb 2003 - The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution study of energy and the environment commenced in August 1997 and culminated in the publication of its

Local Sustainable Community Energy Systems

22 Feb 2003 - The distributed energy approach using mixed technologies and private wire for mixed communities is unique to Woking and can be found nowhere else in t

Sustainable Energy Future

22 Feb 2003 - Even with a local sustainable community energy system grid connection (in practice the local distribution system, not the national grid) would be requ

Security of Supply

22 Feb 2003 - By making use of a series of overlapping island networks customers are unaffected by power cuts in the national grid since embedded generation can con

The Renewable Hydrogen Energy Economy Blueprint for Woking

22 Feb 2003 - Most renewable energy technologies are intermittent electricity generators only and even biomass has its practical and physical limitations. Governmen

Future Energy Strategy for the UK

22 Feb 2003 - Although Woking has avoided grid and NETA penalty costs by utilising private wire networks and a local trading system the existing regulatory regime l

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