SEC introduces Pure Lead Monobloc batteries

London, United Kingdom. SEC Industrial Battery Co. Introduces Pure Lead Monobloc batteries, which provide very high performance, energy density, reliability and very long life in both float and cyclic service by using advanced thin pressed plates.

In keeping with SECs philosophy to stay at the forefronts of the ever expanding Telecom Standby battery markets SEC has now extended its battery range to include the extra high performance Pure Lead gas recombination technology 12 volt batteries with proven design life of 15 years in float service at 20C. These batteries are of the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology combined with thin punched

Pure Lead plates. The gases generated in the normal charge / discharge use of a rechargeable lead acid battery are internally recombined during normal use more than 99% of the gas. Pure Lead Batteries combine benefits of high performance and long life cost effective battery solution for telecommunications, UPS, electric utilities and engine starting applications. The use of gas recombination technology for lead acid batteries has completely changed the concept of standby power.

Initially the Pure Lead range will comprise of 3 sizes of Front Terminal 12PLF 110 Ah. To 200 Ah. and 2 sizes ot Top Terminal 12 PLT18 Ah. to 110 Ah. for use in telecom racks and cabinets. The applications may include:

  • Telecommunications 
  • Telecom BTS 
  • Standby Power
  • Emergency lighting
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • Cellular radio
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar PV Systems
  • Switchgear

The Pure Lead range has been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of the following approvals and standards (i.e. when the batteries, their shipping container and external packaging are labelled “non-spillable” or “non-spillable battery”):

  • 12PLF and 12PLT batteries fully compliant with IEC 60896-21/22:2004
  • Manufactured to comply with all current internationally recognised codes, DOT 173.159, ICAO/IATA Packaging instruction 806 and A67.
  • IMDG UN No 2800 Class 8 Exempt when securely packaged and protected against shot circuits.
  • Manufactured in compliant facility ISO9001:2000, ISO14001, TS16949 in UL registered production facility.

SEC Industrial Battery Company provides safe, reliable power solutions worldwide. SECs high quality Industrial Batteries and related products, together with our Service record, Engineering, Installation, testing, and maintenance expertise makes SEC the best answer for your global battery requirements. SEC has WorldWide sales, service and distribution capabilities, providing state-of-the-art batteries and battery related products. SEC deals in local languages and currency. Moreover, SEC offices and agents are strategically located around the globe, providing worldwide distribution all year round.

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