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All rights reserved.en-usSun, 23 Sep 2018 20:10:34 GMTjames.wortley@fuelcellmarkets.commike.williams@fuelcellmarkets.comFuel Cell Markets | Business Opportunitieshttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/2,1,1,18.htmlhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/content/images/logos/1.gifWAVE 2014 - Source: Green Motorsporthttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,388,18,29207.htmlWAVE 2014Fuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesTue, 14 Jan 2014 01:42:12 GMTWorld Advanced Vehicle Expedition - Source: Green Motorsporthttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,388,18,29184.htmlWorld Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2013Fuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 01 Mar 2013 01:23:23 GMTFuel Cell Powered Minibar for Train Operators - Source: CEKAhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28823,18,29077.htmlCEKA is interested to speak with train operating companies and providers of onboard beverage equipment to explore additional projects around Europe. We are also interested to talk tom event organisers and catering companies in generalFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesWed, 27 Jul 2011 15:33:18 GMTLow Cost Volume Metal Fuel Cell Plate Manufacturing - Source: Borit NVhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28733,18,29076.htmlMetal bipolar plates are one of the major components of a fuel cell. Its effectiveness and cost efficiency are closely related to the quality of the bi-polar platesFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesWed, 27 Jul 2011 12:52:14 GMTSeeking Partners to Commercialise HTPEM Fuel Cell CHP and Backup Power Systems - Source: EnerFuelhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,11235,18,29075.htmlEnerFuel is searching for strategic partners as it develops stationary power systems using its proprietary high temperature PEM (HT-PEM) fuel cell technologyFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesWed, 27 Jul 2011 12:44:33 GMT6kW Fuel Cell UPS for South American Telecom Operators - Source: M-Field Energy LTDhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28266,18,29073.htmlUPS /Back up power applications, powered by a 6kW hydrogen Fuel cell system are available to the South American Telecom operators. M-Field Energy has designed a system, ready to meet the requirements of the telecom operators in the areaFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesWed, 27 Jul 2011 12:12:11 GMTCost Competitive Hydrogen Electrolyser Stacks for Electrolyser Developers and Fuel Cell System Integrators - Source: Acta S.p.Ahttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,9763,18,29072.htmlActa Energy’s electrolyser stacks produce dry, pure and compressed hydrogen at 30 bar. Innovative technology, using an anionic solid polymeric membrane, patented by ACTA, allows the combination of quality hydrogen production with costs competitive to those of liquid electrolyte electrolysersFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesWed, 27 Jul 2011 11:42:11 GMTElectroPhen® Bi-Polar plates available for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells DMFC - Source: Bac2 Conductive Compositeshttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,12899,18,29069.htmlBac2 has developed ElectroPhen®, a family of conductive composites, based on its patented electrically conductive binder that has been optimised for bipolar plates used in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. The key benefits of ElectroPhen® are its low cost and ease of moulding, making Fuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 22 Jul 2011 11:00:00 GMTFuelcellmaterials.com now offers standard size solid oxide fuel cell test fixtures in 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm - Source: Fuel Cell Materialshttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,723,18,29068.htmlThe new testing kits present researchers and developers with a simplistic method of screening electrochemical performance of SOFC materials and cellsFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 22 Jul 2011 10:26:41 GMTTranslucent Electrolyte Simplifies Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Alignment - Source: ENrG Incorporatedhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,9484,18,29067.htmlDurable in harsh environments and lightweight, ENrG Inc.’s self-supporting yet flexible ceramic is so thin you can see through itFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 22 Jul 2011 10:12:31 GMTHydrogen Generation Via PEM Water Electrolysis Is An Attractive Option For Renewable Energy Storage - Source: Proton OnSitehttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,427,18,29063.htmlThe current global consumption levels of fossil fuels are unsustainable in the long term, both from a supply standpoint as well as the impact on the environment. The amount of carbon-free energy required to replace fossil fuelsFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesTue, 19 Jul 2011 11:14:07 GMTPEM Fuel Cell Stack Designed to Operate on Reformate Gas for Transport and Stationary Applications - Source: PowerCellhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28690,18,29062.htmlPowercell’s LTPEM (low temperature proton exchange membrane) stack has been designed to work with reformate gas (>45% H2, <50 ppm CO with Airbleed support), making it ideal for transport and Fuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesTue, 19 Jul 2011 11:03:34 GMTOnsite Hydrogen Production for Ceramic Sintering and Metal Annealing Processes - Source: ITM Powerhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,2611,18,29000.htmlITM Power’s electrolysers offer a new solution for hydrogen generation, an alternative to buying bottled hydrogen. Generating your own hydrogen onsite enables you toFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 27 May 2011 16:24:16 GMTHigh Power Density Fuel Cell Stack for System Integrators and Developers - Source: PowerCellhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28690,18,28996.htmlPowerCell’s fuel cell stack design allows the use of hydrogen or reformate gas for a wide range of applications including stationary and automotive markets. We are interested to talk with fuel cell system integrators and developers who would like to explore our technologyFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 27 May 2011 11:45:40 GMTLS600 Fuel Cell Test Stand from Pragma Industries - Source: Pragma Industrieshttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28270,18,28984.htmlThe LS600 is the best solution for PEM fuel cell stack testing up to 600W. The table-top chassis integrates all the functionalities required to achieve efficient and accurate results: gas management, load management, stack configuration, data acquisitionFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesFri, 27 May 2011 09:55:38 GMTReliable and Sustainable Fuel Cell Back-up Power for European Telecom Operators - Source: Froniushttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,28895,18,28978.htmlFuel cell backup power and UPS is proven as a reliable technology for the telecoms sector. Fuel cells offer significant advantages over existing backup power technologies. Battery autonomy is limited and Fuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesMon, 23 May 2011 17:21:44 GMTSolar PV Electrolyser producing hydrogen for a refuelling station - Source: Acta S.p.Ahttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,9763,18,28977.htmlHIDRO SELF POWER is a compact, easy to transport and assemble Hydrogen refuelling system, which generates hydrogen from clean solar energy, without any environmental impact in absolute autonomyFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesMon, 23 May 2011 12:53:01 GMTHigh Accuracy Data Acquisition System for Fuel Cell Testing - Source: Greenlight Innovationhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,27409,18,28976.htmlGreenlight Innovation’s latest addition to our product line is our 2nd Generation Data Acquisition System. Offering high common-mode voltage, increased accuracy and extended configuration flexibility, enabling the collection of precise fuel cell and battery testing dataFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesMon, 23 May 2011 12:48:23 GMTRenewable Onsite Hydrogen Production for Integrated Backup Power and UPS Applications - Source: ITM Powerhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,2611,18,28942.htmlITM Power’s HPac and HBox electrolysers offer a new solution for hydrogen generation. These PEM electrolysers are rated at a pressure of 15 bar and deliver maximum hydrogen flow rates of 3 and 10 litres per minuteFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesTue, 29 Mar 2011 09:58:47 GMT“Fire & Ice” – Ultra-Thin Ceramic Still Flexible after Extreme Thermal Shock - Source: ENrG Incorporatedhttp://www.fuelcellmarkets.com/3,1,9484,18,28941.htmlThe last The Marketplace Matters highlighted the durability of ENrG Inc.’s Thin E-Strate® under thermal stress from a blow torch. Handling Thin E-Strate® immediately after the intense heat demonstrates its low thermal massFuel Cell > Business OpportunitiesTue, 29 Mar 2011 09:02:01 GMT