EscoVale's 5060 Report: Technologies, Applications and Markets

EscoVale's 2010 management report comes at a critical time for decision-makers faced with complex choices and a bewildering array of beguiling technologies. It has worldwide scope and covers the most exciting approaches in applications from single-digit kW up to the GW levels commonly found in the resurgence of proposals for pumped hydro schemes.

Recent years have seen a remarkable transformation in the long-duration energy storage business. Its public image has changed from a rather dull market that has seen better days, to an exciting opportunity with a glorious future - usually a sign of difficult times to come! This has happened without much change in market size. The long-duration segment still represents only 10% of the $80bn overall storage market, but there are genuine grounds for optimism.

  • 2010 is the first year in which deliveries of "new" long-duration storage technologies passed $1bn (basically, anything other than pumped hydro and lead acid).
  • More than $10bn has now been committed to commercializing new storage options.
  • Government and VC funding is being joined by in-house investment from large, hard-headed companies with technical, marketing and manufacturing expertise.
  • It's time to take things seriously, when household names bet their futures on a new technology.
  • Most importantly of all, potential users are becoming enthusiastic. Since the users are in trillion dollar industries, it helps if storage is seen as a must-have solution rather than something that can be safely ignored.

Clients from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia already include:

  • companies responsible for the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power,
  • energy companies involved with oil, natural gas and hydrogen
  • energy sector project developers
  • organizations with renewable energy interests
  • developers of energy storage technologies
  • suppliers of materials and ancillary equipment
  • companies concerned with high-integrity power systems
  • manufacturers from the transport sector
  • government agencies
  • Universities and research centers
  • investors, consultants and advisers.
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