PEM Fuel Cell Stack Designed to Operate on Reformate Gas for Transport and Stationary Applications

Powercell’s LTPEM (low temperature proton exchange membrane) stack has been designed to work with reformate gas (>45% H2, <50 ppm CO with Airbleed support), making it ideal for transport and stationary applications where onboard / onsite reforming is preferred.

Product description

The fuel cell from PowerCell is a PEM fuel cell (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) which today is the most common technology used in automotive applications. The PEM system was selected due to its reliable and dynamic characteristics, which allows for quick start-up and shutdown. Extensive design efforts have been made to optimize the following criteria’s:

  • Safety, no leakage or unwanted malfunctions shall occur
  • Overall good performance, unique design solutions
  • Robustness, designed towards automotive requirements
  • Multi-fuel, can use Hydrogen and/or reformate
  • Simple operation, a specially designed Cell Voltage Monitoring unit factory mounted
  • Wide operating conditions, water cooling used
  • Low life cycle cost, high durability and low manufacturing cost

The commercial available fuel cell platform covers 1 to 7 kW. Delivery time typically is 8 weeks after order. Fuel Cell Systems from 1 to 5 kW are available. Delivery time would be depending on system size and type.

Target markets are: 

  • Automotive, Range Extenders;
  • Telecom, Backup and off grid systems;
  • Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems.

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