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Zebotec is active in the fields of fuel cells, hydrogen and solar energy. Zebotec sees itself as an ambassador for renewable energies and a sustainable energy philosophy. Our philosophy is 'energy without emissions'.

The intelligent application of fuel cells for marine applications is a step towards the hydrogen economy. Through demonstration projects and niche markets, it is our goal to increase the public awareness of hydrogen and fuel cells and thus further stimulate the market for all fuel cell applications.

Our key products are fuel cell drives for boats and vehicles. The quiet and emission-free operation with higher efficiency as compared to conventional drives makes them ideally suitable for such applications. Hydrogen filling stations with integrated electrolyser and the option of producing zero emission 'solar hydrogen' are also part of our range of 'solutions for the future - ready to use today'.

As a service provider, Zebotec offers custom solutions encompassing design, simulation and construction through to site commissioning of fuel cell systems. We also optionally include the ongoing operational support and maintenance of these systems. To add to all of this, we also provide remote monitoring, 24/7 service hotline, customer training, field trial management and analysis.


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