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Fuel Cell Markets works with organisations in the fuel cell and hydrogen sector building partnerships to take technologies and services to market.

Fuel Cell Markets Ltd are a 7-year old independent company headquartered in the United Kingdom. We provide services to a global network of leading companies involved in the commercialisation of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies across all applications and operate one of the largest online resources serving these industries – www.FuelCellMarkets.com. Our team has unrivalled global experience and is connected at the highest level both in industry and the public sector, speaking and chairing numerous events around the world, consulting for leading OEM’s and advising governments.


  UK Office & HQ
  Thorney Weir House
  SL0 9AQ
  United Kingdom

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OverviewNameMr Duncan Bott
OverviewEmailSend an email to Mr Duncan Bott  Director, Business Development
OverviewNameMr James Wortley
OverviewEmailSend an email to Mr James Wortley  Business Development Manager
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