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The Mission Hydrogène federates and gathers economic officials (industrials, researchers, teachers ...) around the theme of hydrogen energy: it is a cluster of expertise to emerging issues of energy.

Facilitator of initiatives, the "Mission Hydrogène" is a support for the implementation of all your projects (training, research, commercial approach ...). It also gives you the associated whole dynamic network.

The "Mission Hydrogène" has developed unique expertise on hydrogen energy for fluvial and maritime applications. Thanks to the "Mission Hydrogène", the Pays de la Loire region is the only French region to work on hydrogen energy applied to maritime and fluvial environments.

However, it is not the only sectors supported. All projects (land vehicles, buildings ...) benefit of the dynamics of network.

The Mission Hydrogène has initiated several demonstration projects and provides a transverse promotion (intelligence, newsletters, fares, information workshops ...), which allowsit to be effective in the advances of its projects.

For example, the work done within the fishing industry, feed on progress realised in parallel on the demonstrator passenger river boat, for example: control procedures for implementation, installation and maintenance of equipment in this new energy environment.


  Mission Hydrogène des Pays de la Loire
  CCI Nantes St-Nazaire

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