BzA-BW - Fuel Cell Alliance Baden-Wuerttemberg / Brennstoffzellen-Allianz Baden-Württemberg

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Type of organisation:           Network (Legal form: Association)

Areas of expertise:               Fuel cell technology and related areas

Employees:                            3

Members:                               More than 60

Status of network:                International



The Fuel Cell Alliance Baden-Wuerttemberg is a very recent merger of the Fuel Cell Center of Competence and Innovation (KIBZ), which was initiated by the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation in 2001 as a non-profit association and the Fuel Cell Research Alliance Baden-Wuerttemberg (FABZ), which was a state initiative. KIBZ’s emphasis was on demonstration projects and products, while FABZ concentrated on the work done in the R+D-institutiions.

Thus strengthening the link between R+D and industry, it is the objective of the BzA-BW to promote the fuel cell technology in its range of application and to come to customer oriented products on a solid basis of knowledge.

In this context adequate fuels – especially derived from renewable energy sources - and their infrastructure play a prominent role, since the success of fuel cells is closely intertwined with the availability of adequate fuels.

BzA-BW is positioned as a platform for the exchange of information in this field. It gathers, processes, and transfers information through cooperation with its members, looking up literature, initiating general events, work shops and topical task forces,  - and by collaborating in EU-, national, and regional demonstration projects as well as in product development.

The project-driven activities include e. g. BzA-BW’s partnership in several EU, German, Baden-Wuerttemberg and regional projects. “.

BzA-BW presently has more than 60 members, ranging from individuals via SMEs to large companies. These members represent the chain of economic value in large parts from R + D – institutions, producers of components and fuel cell systems, providers of hydrogen up to system integrators and “end-users” as well as auditors.


  Brennstoffzellen-Allianz Baden-Württemberg (BzA-BW)
  Pfaffenwaldring 10
  D - 70569

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OverviewNameDr. Bernhard Schaible
OverviewEmailSend an email to Dr. Bernhard Schaible  CEO
OverviewNameDr. Till  Kaz
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