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A short introduction to the work of the
“Marine Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (MHFCA) e.V.”

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Today, many hydrogen applications are already at a stage where they can be used in some specific applications. Marine applications very often have a specific demand on their energy systems. Hydrogen will play a more important role in the near future and the successful integration of energy systems based on hydrogen is very important for specific fields of application such as the marine technology. Marine energy systems are not connected to the main electricity grid and need to operate with a high reliability and autonomy. Hydrogen as energy-carrier offers the benefit to be generated from different renewable and non-renewable resources.

Buoy at seaThe main task of this non-profit organisation is the active support of the integration of hydrogen as an energy-carrier into marine systems and the active support of the development of regulations, codes and standards for marine hydrogen applications. As marine systems are not always swimming on the water (ships, floats, buoys, …) but are also installed in or near the water, also islands, harbours and off-shore wind energy farms and other applications which are directly related to marine activities may be typical users of hydrogen in the future.

In order to initiate a bilateral understanding between marine activities and the hydrogen technology, the MHFCA acts as a platform for meetings and projects as well as for the exchange of information as a basis for further cooperation between the members but also with external contacts.



SpeedboatThe founding members of the MHFCA are:

Mr. Christian Machens (private)
Mr. Randy Dey (The CCS Global Group)
Mr. Panos Koroyannakis (Islenet, Brussels)
Mr. Jón Björn Skúlason (Icelandic New Energy Ltd, Iceland)
Mr. Bart Van Ouytsel
Prof. Hugo Vandenborre
Mr. Richard Morris (CEO Zebotec, Germany)
Mr. Geoffrey Budd (CEO Ballard Europe)
Mr. Toddington Harper (CEO Fuel Cell Markets Ltd, UK)

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