Power and Heat for Office Buildings

Los Angeles Air Force Base, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles AFB is located within El Segundo city limits. The base is divided into two areas; Area A where most major units are located, and Area B which houses the GI Air Base Group, the clinic, BX, and commissary.

Logan Energy operates a Plug Power GenSys 5kW Combined Heat and Power fuel cell power plant at Ft. MacArthur Civil Engineering Headquarters, building 56.  It was electrically configured to provide grid parallel/grid independent service and also thermally integrated with the facility's hot water system.

AB Parking Facilities Office Building, Fresno, CA

This facility is a 12-story office building which houses multiple U.S. Government agencies. The property was formerly known as the Guaranty Savings Bank, commonly referred to as the "G Building", and dates back to the mid 1920's.

In the 1990's, Guaranty Savings closed and the building was unoccupied until purchased by the current owners in 1997.Twenty-four  months of extensive renovation and modernization brought it to its current state.

Logan Energy installed three UTC PC200 fuel cell power plants for this project, as a part of the building renovation. The plants are located in the mechanical yard situated between the western wall of the parking deck and a service alleyway that runs just outside the mechanical yard security wall.

The units were electrically configured to provide grid parallel/grid independent service to the site and are also thermally integrated to provide heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.

Park Service Administration Building, Yosemite Valley, CA

A 5kW Plug Power GenSys 5P fuel cell was installed at the Park Service Administration building. The fuel cell was electronically configured to provide grid parallel/synchronous operating service and was also thermally integrated into the building's hot water system.

This installation was unique in that it required special attention to environmental, historical, and Native American culture concerns.  The fuel cell was operational as of July 2004 and was decommissioned in November 2005. 

This demonstration achieved an overall availability of 91% and electrical efficiency of 23%.  Annual energy savings totaled $1,892.16. The test period concluded with a total 12,963 fuel cell load hours and 22,953kWh.

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