Onsite Hydrogen Production for Ceramic Sintering and Metal Annealing Processes

ITM Power’s electrolysers offer a new solution for hydrogen generation, an alternative to buying bottled hydrogen. Generating your own hydrogen onsite enables you to:

  • Take control of your own hydrogen supply – generate hydrogen where and when you need it
  • Take control of your hydrogen cost – cost per unit volume will only be affected by your electricity supply
  • Generate zero carbon hydrogen if using renewable electricity

ITM Power is looking to demonstrate the value of it’s technology to potential customers in the following applications:

  • Magnetic and steel annealing
  • Ceramic sintering
  • Float glass

About ITM

ITM Power is an AIM-listed company registered in England with a staff of 55. We have a first class team of engineers and scientists, based at two facilities in Sheffield, UK.

ITM is a leading business in hydrogen systems for both niche and mass market applications. In these pages you will find information on our electrolyser product range, hydrogen-vehicle refuellers, hydrogen homes and industrial applications of electrolytic hydrogen.

ITM has a global perspective and is targeting opportunities in both existing and new markets, including the built environment, islands, transport, telecomm, power industry and industrial laboratories. We are particularly interested in working with partners to develop new markets for distributed hydrogen systems at the kW scale.

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