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With a fresh new look at junior motor sport, Stars of Tomorrow & Green Motorsport will provide a Championship with a difference for the youngster right at the start of his or her race career.

The Junior Gearbox class caters for a nine year old starting out in the Cadet Class through to the seasoned sixteen year old racing the Formula 1 of Junior karting. However, racing karts is just one part of this innovative Championship. Youngsters will be expected to take part in at least one of the many projects available some of which will involve their schools. For the older drivers we hope to encourage projects schemes from Formula 1, car manufacturers, engineering companies as well as design and marketing agencies. These projects will encompass such topics as renewable and alternative energy, and energy efficiency.

The Green Motorsport Concept was an idea originally conceived by Gordon Foat at the world famous Brooklands Museum in Surrey. The concept was to make people aware of the connection between environmental issues and new emerging technologies.

Green Motorsport brings technology and environmental issues to every ones attention making learning about renewable energy and energy efficiency, interesting and exciting. It was thought that an environmental indicator was needed to express these new emerging technologies. Green Motorsport bridged the technology education gap with its educational concepts.

It was also noted that innovation, engineering and motor sport share common ground. Motor sport being so competitive allows an intense level of innovation that is not normally seen in industry. Competition always flexes the muscles of rapid innovation and the will for improvement and success. Green Motorsport wishes to apply this level of thinking to the Renewable Energy / Electric or Fuel cell vehicle industry.

Many technology industries test their components to the max in motor sport before they are released on the open market. Motor sport was responsible for a number of car safety devices and braking systems used on standard every day cars. Green Motorsport looks forward to making a positive beneficial contribution regarding environmental energy education through engineering and sport.

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