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Green Motorsport is making good progress with its programme for eight races with karts powered by electric motors and renewable energy in 2006-(7), which will be backed by BRDC Stars of Tomorrow. An array of BP solar panels on the roof of Green Motorsportís transporter produces electricity which will partly recharge the electric karts and this will be supplemented by micro wind turbines. Surplus electricity will be stored as hydrogen and fuel cells will provide additional charging capacity. A portable hydrogen fuel cell system will also be used to power the lap timing equipment and visual display units.

Ross Curnow is the Patron of Green Motorsportís series of races powered by renewable energy, planned for 2006-(7). He is seen here with a portable fuel cell and a bottled hydrogen cylinder. Ross has been selected by the British Racing Driversí Club as one of its ĎRising Starsí and was awarded the 2004 Formula BMW UK Rookie Championship.

The electric karts will be driven by drivers within the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow Championship, who will learn how to handle electric drive systems, batteries and fuel cells. They will recharge their vehicles with electricity from the solar panels, wind energy collectors and hydrogen fuel cells. Green Motorsport will also have a road show which will give presentations in conjunction with schools and local authorities.

Green Motorsportís promotional programme started with a profile by CNN, which was broadcast throughout the world during March and April. Becky-Beth Cox of Ladybird Racing drove the electric kart, assisted here by Gordon Foat of Green Motorsport. The CNN programme can be seen on  

Young drivers have a special interest in the technologies and energy sources which will replace conventional fossil fuels and Green Motorsport will give them the opportunity to experience them first hand.

Green Motorsport would like to take this opportunity to thank Fuel Cell Markets for their kind help and support over the years.

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