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As the UK Prime Minister promises support for the electric vehicle industry, Green MotorSport asks whether he is backing the right people. The British electric vehicle industry has traditionally led the world and already has the finest electric drive trains, but we have to wait another two years for the automotive industry to get its act together before grants are available for people wanting to buy electric vehicles. Competition from innovative energy industries could conserve the UKís diminishing fuel resources, create new jobs and make Britain a leading exporting country again!

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has challenged the Government to back his ambitious plans to make London the electric car capital of Europe, helping to create jobs, cut carbon emissions and improve air quality. The Mayor has outlined a series of major initiatives to achieve at least 100,000 electric vehicles on the capitalís streets as soon as possible, equating to five per cent of total vehicles. The plans include working with businesses, boroughs and other public sector organisations to deliver 25,000 charging spaces in Londonís workplaces, retail outlets, streets, public car parks and station car parks by 2015.

Transport to cut C02 emissions

The Committee on Climate Change, which was set up under the terms of the Climate Change Act, has proposed that there should be a statutory requirement for the UK to make substantial reductions in C02 emissions, including those of road transport, by 2020. That is only eleven years away, so we need to start now to build up electric vehicle fleets and buy our own electric cars if we are to meet climate change targets.

New electric car charging stations ready for deployment

The Electric Vehicle Solar Canopy has been developed to provide protection from the weather for the vehicle as well as generating electricity from the integrated solar roof. The rooftop fits perfectly into a standard parking space and consists of a semi transparent solar array, allowing around 20% daylight through between the PV Cells, and providing shade from the sun and protection from the rain. The green electricity can be used either to charge the batteries on electric cars or it can be used in the adjacent building. The Canopy is a modular design which contains 6 special solar laminates each rated at 260 watt peak (Wp), providing a total output from each parking Canopy of 1.5 kilowatts peak (kWp). In the UK this Canopy will generate around 1,100kWh/year. For more information about this brand new solar recharging station please contact a member of Green MotorSport. Currently solar charging stations start at around 15,000 pounds per unit.

Race towards Production

From prototype to production the EVO race bike is guaranteed to cause a stir! The bike will be put to the test in the challenging TT race, which is scheduled to run on 12th June 2009. It will not only be utilising zero carbon fuel for propulsion but renewable and sustainable materials will also be used in the construction of the chassis and bodywork. The technology is ready and we are waiting to supply all interested customers.

The complete engine replacement.

Designed to be mass produced, cost effective and suitable for almost every road going vehicle, the GMS Dual Power Train is an economical electric drive system that replaces the internal combustion engine in vehicles. Our latest highly efficient drive trains are suitable for a range of applications. Green MotorSport supplies two main types of electric power trains; the M1 single motor and the Dual drive system. Each power train uses our core M1 liquid cooled motor technology, and is supplied in kit form with a 48 Volt 350 amp controller or a 650 amp sports control system, depending on the performance required. The drive is programmed with our unique encrypted software platform which ensures smooth power delivery. The dual drive is capable of producing 70 HP peak using protected planetary gearing configuration designed to provide efficient power delivery to the vehicle's wheels without the need for inefficient geared differentials.

Britainís biggest green consumer lifestyle show

Green MotorSport is joining forces with Britainís biggest green consumer lifestyle show, UK AWARE London Olympia Ė 17th & 18th April 2009 Green MotorSport will be exhibiting the famous four wheel drive Wisper hillclimb car at the London show. UK Aware 09 is a great initiative to help people to improve the quality of their own life as well as the world that future generations are inheriting. For the past eight years, Green MotorSport has shown thousands of people at public events and schools around the country how they can power their bikes, cars or buses with energy from the sun or wind. UK Aware is hosting the sexiest green motors including Lotus, Tesla, SAAB, Green MotorSport and many others: a green technologies expo: and abundant shopping with a conscience and much much more. Green MotorSport will once again be at the Royal Bath and West show 27th -30th May 2009 and will be exhibiting a number of exciting new technologies.


At an event organised for local parents and children at Royal Holloway University, Gordon Foat was invited to speak about the Green MotorSport concept at the Science and Technology open day. We outlined current progress with new battery technology and lightweight alternative materials and explained how these will help us to deal with climate change issues and the pollution caused when we burn petrol in our vehicles. The children were asked to write down why they thought we needed electric cars and their answers were stuck on a pole using stickers. Itís clear from the results that they truly understand why we need electric cars and the benefits of using them!

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