Around the world, the car industry is having a difficult time. The economic crisis the world is facing is partly due to the misuse of resources and failure to adapt to the emerging markets of the 21st century, which demand energy efficient and renewable technologies. The UK should take the lead with Government backed investment in electric vehicles and a recharging infrastructure powered by indigenous, renewable fuels. In the USA, Plug In America says that a $25 billion loan from Congress for automakers to retool for the manufacture of fuel-efficient vehicles may be diverted to short term cash –flow needs. The automakers are still resisting technological change, but how do they expect to compete in tomorrow’s showrooms unless they invest in fuel-efficient vehicles, including plug-in hybrids and EVs?

New markets for electric vehicles

When oil was cheap there was no market for electric vehicles, but as the price of oil fluctuates and governments add the cost of damaging emissions, they are becoming more competitive with internal combustion engine (i.c.e.) vehicles. Green MotorSport has been developing and testing, under the stringent conditions of motorsport, the innovative technologies that will enable people to use vehicles powered by benign fuels from unlimited renewable resources.

Fuelling transport with renewable energy

Green MotorSport has been developing and evaluating clean, efficient technologies for eight years and we can now start to supply the drive train for vehicles which will, at reasonable cost, meet the daily range most people want. We have also been evaluating more expensive batteries that have the same range as conventional cars, with the option of fast charging for distances over 150 miles.

Green MotorSport can now supply our refined mass-produced version of our M1 liquid cooled electric motor, which is the result of years of research and development within the motor sport industry. The Green MotorSport power trains manufacturing team have made a number of changes to the M1 in order to significantly reduce the retail price of the motor. We have changed the shape of the cooling jacket and the cooling inlets as well as the main power supply connection fittings. These changes have been made in order to take advantage of more economical and faster manufacturing technologies. They have enabled us to significantly reduce our machining costs, our production carbon footprint and fundamentally make a viable business.  These ground level engineering alterations have also improved the durability of the motor. With all these fine tunings and enhanced structural durability changes, we have shaved even more weight off the first generation M1 motor. The gross weight of the unit is now 15.543 KG / 34.2 Lbs.

GMS Dual drive train

The GMS Dual Power Train is an economical electric drive system that replaces the internal combustion engine for both on and off-road vehicles. Our latest highly efficient drive trains are suitable for a range of applications from high performance lithium ion powered electric karts to small and medium sized cars. Green MotorSport supplies two main types of electric power trains; the M1 single motor and the Dual drive, dual system. Each power train can be supplied with a standard 350 amp controller or a 650 amp sports control system depending on performance required.

At the heart of Green MotorSport’s electric vehicle package are dual high powered motor controllers, which are matched to a pair of our in house designed liquid cooled AC electric motors. The control systems are pre-programmed exclusively by GMS, to deliver exceptional flexibility and performance as required.

Within the protected GMS Dual gear casing design, we have delivered a powerful, lightweight, robust, cost effective and energy efficient drive system suitable for applications ranging from the family car to the racecar.  

The complete package gives direct drive to each wheel, with programmable electronic limited slip capability. The design has been formulated by years of testing within the motorsport arena and is currently ready for market within the automotive industry.

Testing at Buckmore Park

Ross Curnow, the Patron of our proposed BRDC Stars Of Tomorrow GMS electric racing series, carried out the tests of the GMS M1 electric motor at Buckmore Park’s 1200 metre track. Ross’s fastest lap was 55.32 seconds in wet conditions. (note: the scraping sound on the video is coming from the front nose cone of the kart) The test covered 10,000 meters. During testing information on the motor and its thermal dynamics was recorded. Results corroborated our DYNO tests as well as proving that the new AC motor technology has addressed the limitations of the older DC system.

Powered by green, renewable energy

Motorsport has been the background for the development of our revolutionary electric drive systems that have been demonstrated to public acclaim at a number of events in the past year including the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Alongside our development of electric drive trains, Green MotorSport has been evaluating micro wind and solar powered electricity generators, which have the potential to make our transport truly ‘green’. However, much more development is needed of micro wind energy collectors that will function in turbulent air conditions in towns and cities. Solar photovoltaic systems could already be cost effective in new or refurbished buildings as many people are paying over 30p/kWh for the first 1000 kWh day time units they use each year. Electric vehicles will give the added bonus of storing off peak electricity in battery packs, along with other energy conversion systems such as hydrogen fuel cells for rapid battery charging at designated charging stations.

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