RTFO should cover electric vehicles

Under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) transport fuels must contain 2.5% biodiesel, increasing to 5% by 2010, but why isn't there a target for electric vehicles powered by renewable energy from wind, wave or sun? These technologies won't use palm oil which is displacing forests or corn which is contributing to rising food prices! Studies have suggested that most car journeys would be comfortably within the range of existing battery electric vehicles. For those who require longer range or higher performance, Green MotorSport is working to complete the evaluation of our advanced electric vehicle systems which will provide range up to 200 miles and can be fully recharged in less than an hour. Green MotorSport partners are also developing micro wind energy collectors which are designed to operate efficiently in turbulent air conditions in urban areas, as well as cheaper solar panels, either of which would provide sufficient electricity to power a battery electric vehicle for at least 4,000 kms per year for twenty to thirty years.

California is leading the world with targets for the introduction of electric vehicles. The major motor manufacturers have to ensure that a percentage of the cars they produce are zero emission vehicles (ZEVs), powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. A larger proportion also have to be Part Zero Emission, PZEVs, such as plug in hybrids or hydrogen engine vehicles. Plug In America is recommending that electric vehicles are promoted by creating a Battery Electric Vehicle Partnership much like the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership.  


Above shows the GMS power train for small sized vehicles up to 500KG

Green MotorSport believes that all types of renewable energy are urgently needed. We have our own transporter that can run on 100% bio fuel. We use this for transporting our electric prototypes around the country. We use a local supplier of 100% bio diesel.

The UK traditionally had some of the best battery electric and hybrid vehicles in the world, but we lost ground when people could get all the cheap oil they wanted. The Government supported the global industries, so small innovative companies could not compete. We either need Government targets for electric vehicles or some Government 'pump priming' to bring clean energy technologies to market. Once these technologies are established, they can be exported to developing countries which would otherwise continue to increase exponentially their use of oil for transport.

Decelerating Climate Change

Electric vehicles have another environmental advantage, as they do not burn fossil fuels. The latest reports find that sea level rises are likely to be about three times worse this century than expected in the recent IPCC reports. This is because of the accelerated rate of melting of polar ice sheets. Studies have found that black carbon, commonly known as soot, is a much more powerful greenhouse gas than expected. Black carbon is emitted mainly from the burning of both fossil fuels and forests. Apart from its global warming impact on the atmosphere, black carbon also increases the absorption of sunlight on snow and glaciers, thereby increasing the rate at which they melt. Warming accelerates further as the dark surfaces absorb more solar radiation as the ice melts.

Recent and future events.

Green MotorSport recently attended the following events.

Green MotorSport displayed our electric Wisper at the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference in Birmingham. It is being fitted with an auxiliary hydrogen fuel cell by our hydrogen fuel cell technology partners. Speakers at the conference outlined plans for the UK’s ‘Hydrogen Highway’ with the hub in the Midlands joining up with Wales, Sheffield and London and reaching out to Tees-side and Scotland.

Above shows (Left) John Crayton and member of the BVS on the Battery Vehicle Society Stand, (Centre) Bill Dube of the Killa Cycle Project recently visiting Green MotorSport, (right) John Turner, Green MotorSport fuel cell power partner and Kevin Kendall of the Fuel Cell Network recently seen on BBC news.

The European Kit and Car Builder Show

To celebrate 18 years of event history of the UK's biggest kit car show, Green MotorSport proudly displayed the electric Wisper. Gordon Foat Director of Green MotorSport and member of the Battery Vehicle Society, demonstrated the car to keen kit car enthusiasts in Maidstone. The event hosted over 40 manufacturers, 50 trade stands and 30 kit car clubs. There was much interest in our new range of electric power train technology. Kit cars are generally suitable for electric propulsion systems as most of the vehicles are designed to be light weight.

The Bath and West Show, British Formula 1 at Silverstone and The North West Motor Show are some of the events Green MotorSport is scheduled to attend this summer. At these events we will display and demonstrate our new power train technology which is currently being independently evaluated.

Dyno Testing & Data Logging  

Recently Green MotorSport approached “Dyna Pro” a company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing dynamometer equipment as well as analysing rolling road data from performance vehicles. The team will be assisting Green MotorSport with our projects to cross- examine results and performance data for our range of electric motors. The company designs and manufactures the UK’s largest selling range of professional chassis Dynamometers. Power testing, torque, horsepower, rpm, road and wheel slip are all tests we can obtain from this sophisticated equipment. The Green MotorSport Kart is shown below being tested on the machine. This was the very first electric vehicle Dyna Pro tested. The results were a success and this demonstrates that Green MotorSport can produce motor technology to the desired performance criteria. Green MotorSport and Dyna Pro will be working together towards producing a fully equipped and specialised system for testing and evaluating high performance electric vehicles

Above shows the first Dynamometer Test of the new GMS M1 electric water cooled motor fitted to our Research and Development vehicle sponsored by Bowe Watts Clargo.



Recently Kingston University took delivery of Wisper for a number of rolling road tests. Tests are underway to determine the efficiency of DC and AC power train technology. The tests will show BHP output from our motors and torque characteristics. A wind tunnel is also being used to determine the best practical options for an electric vehicle of this performance. The University results will be compared with the results from Dyna Pro. ( Below, first rolling road tests on Wisper )

It is being proposed that electric and hybrid vehicles are integrated into Formula 1 in 2009. Over the last 8 years Green MotorSport has been researching and developing within the power train market. Green MotorSport could contribute the technical know-how and ensure transparency so that these technologies are fully accessible to scrutineers.

New Lithium Technology Progress

Green MotorSport now offers a range of new lithium battery packs for electric vehicles as well as investigating some new battery technology recently brought to our attention.

The electric “Baby Bugatti” recently converted to run on electric with our Green MotorSport EV kit for small cars was delivered to Partridge Fine Art Limited, New Bond Street London. Green MotorSport is now able to provide a fitting service to install electric drives in scale model replica vehicles. The Bugatti shown below is an example of our work. Green Motorsport offers the very best in small EV kits and fitting expertise for prestigious small model vehicles. Our small vehicle kit will enable any suitable model to be transformed into a fully functioning work of art.

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