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Green MotorSport and our partners are building up a range of innovative technologies to enable you to use renewable energy to power your own transport. Green MotorSport is completing testing and evaluation of new batteries and control systems for electric vehicles. We are making progress with the most advanced technologies for our high performance electric racing kart and efficiency upgrades for our new Wisper demonstration vehicle. We are also evaluating the best renewable energy systems from around the world so that you will be able to choose what fuel you want to use.

Whatever your requirements, Green MotorSport is evaluating and developing electric drive systems which will give first class mobility. If you want a scooter to take you to the local shops or to the station, our selection of scooters start with a range of 20 to 25 miles on a single charge. These types of electric vehicle are cheap to run and will give you the equivalent of 1,000 mpg! If you require longer range, and a much faster vehicle, why not try our new high speed option, the Vectrix. We also have a new range of smaller fuel cell bicycles available, powered from our latest cost effective fuel cell systems.

Advanced drive systems

Green MotorSport is currently in talks with electric vehicle manufacturers concerning the new advanced AC drive systems we offer. These range from 24 volts up to 1600 volts AC control systems. The control systems are water cooled and complement our available range of AC water cooled motor power trains. All components are tested under the extreme conditions of motor sport, and provide Green Motorsport with the technology for its planned series of races with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow. Green MotorSport will use their new product, renewable "Racing in Box"; a complete turnkey solution for karting operators.  Testing components to destruction is part of our program in order to find out the capabilities and limitations of the technology.

Green MotorSportís lithium ion battery & energy storage systems have been specially developed for high performance racing karts and cars. This has been thoroughly evaluated and is now available for use in electric vehicles. For those needing medium performance and lower price options we offer a range of high quality deep cycle lead acid batteries. These batteries are designed for use in both float service and deep cycling applications.

The technology is being tested in our Green MotorSport scooter which is the first electric scooter using the new technology. We are achieving very good results! Now tests have been completed, we can offer the new longer life battery for electric bikes, buggies or small electric cars or any other applications that need high power. This technology is perfect if the owner forgets to put the vehicle back on charge, leaves the headlights on, or is away on holiday and a power cut fails to initiate the charge leaving the batteries at a damagingly low voltage. Discharging Lead Acid batteries to very low levels normally destroys the technology and a replacement pack is needed.

The new GMS LIFE pack test at Blackbushe kart circuit.

Ross Curnow, senior seasoned electric kart driver, and Archie Hamilton, Green MotorSportís new junior test driver, tested the new GMS LiFe lithium ion batteries at Blackbushe kart circuit in November 07. Camberley kart club's  marshalls assisted with the test.  Ross used slick tyres in wet track conditions and Archie used wets in medium wet conditions during the afternoon test. Ross achieved 11,220 metres with batteries charged to 100% capacity in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Archie covered 9,240 metres with batteries given only 80% charge in 1 hour.
Current readings were also taken at the fastest points and battery voltage monitored throughout the laps using our new helmet communicator Bluetooth intercom. The batteries functioned perfectly as expected. ( see the video )

Above, Archie Hamiltonís First Test in the Green MotorSport electric Super Kart

Although weather conditions were not good, both Ross and Archie achieved greater than the 9,000 metres per charge on the test kart proving once again that the technology is suitable for the planned racing series. One hour battery recharge for each race kart is essential for the GMS electric racing series, as this is the interval between races. The battery provides a viable power solution for our application. Battery cells or modules on their own do not make a plug and play battery system. Only the integration of battery management systems, communications and systems to ensure the battery works within its operating parameters can provide a robust solution. Our battery provides this solution.

Future transport fuels

We can obtain our own electricity from micro wind energy collectors or the new cheaper solar panels which are coming onto the market. We are now making available for local communities and small builders the latest solar modules and a new line of high performance pure sine wave inverters for off grid systems. A selection of micro wind turbines will shortly be available and we are planning development of new types of small wind energy collectors which would be suitable for use in turbulent wind conditions in urban areas.

Alternatively, instead of adding to global warming gases by throwing our waste into landfill sites we could get about a sixth of all the UKís transport fuel from organic waste. Green MotorSportís partners are developing hydrogen from a variety of renewable sources which could be used in fuel cells to power our vehicles. Green MotorSport is evaluating these technologies, carrying out developments where necessary and making our selection of the very best available through our website or our sister company Future Energies Limited.

The key to unlocking the electric car

Green motorsport already has fast charge battery packs available for the electric vehicle market. The advanced batteries of today can be charged in less than 10 minutes. These incorporate new nanotechnologies which will make it possible to have safe high performance electric vehicles with massive range. Green MotorSport has opened discussions with companies concerning the latest rapid battery charging systems, and will be evaluating the solutions in our planned series of electric kart races. The racing series will provide a test bed for these new technologies. The hill climb vehicle proposed will also use the fast charging systems.

Cost Effective Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells can assist with the quick charging stations that could be proposed as the alternative to the petroleum filling station we are all familiar with. This technology is just the beginning for the electric car. The future of the fuel cell and its relationship with fast charge electric car systems is continuously developing. This fits comfortably with our Green MotorSport concept of using fuel cells in the beginning as a source of energy to charge our electric demonstration vehicles. The concept is based on being cost effective and practical, but until now it has not been possible to achieve the real synergies of the technologies.

Green MotorSport in collaboration with our partners, now offer an efficient fuel cell system range

Green MotorSport in collaboration with our partners, now offer an efficient fuel cell system range. These start at 12 or 24 volt modules. Modules of varying voltages can be made to suit any application. The high cost of fuel cells has prevented them from being commercialised, but Green MotorSportís cost effective fuel cells start at £800 for a complete 120 watt 12V system. This is the very latest in hydrogen technology and also excellent value for money. Instead of burning fuels, fuel cells convert energy electrochemically. They are very efficient and have no emissions apart from pure water. The fuel cells can be used for a variety of applications including remote power solutions for environmental monitoring equipment, or for use in electric vehicles for range extension. They can also be used for backup power and any other battery charging applications that require uninterruptible power.

Green MotorSport also has compact hydrogen storage systems ranging from 600 litres upwards, prices start at £600

Research into Wifi and Bluetooth data stream connectivity for the ultimate control of control systems.

Research into Wifi and Bluetooth data stream connectivity for the ultimate control of control systems

Green MotorSport has been investigating methods of connectivity for our new range of AC control systems for electric vehicles. The system allows flexibility for communication and diagnostic profile management of power train systems. The ability to communicate with our systems is necessary for monitoring purposes.

Education and research

Green MotorSport pushed forward with its educational relationship with Kingston University. We set a range of tests for the students and look forward to the results and continued support from their research. Main issues with electric cars are performance duration and the materials used are all very important to our future. Research into the fundamental areas that make electric cars feasible is under way. Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport spoke to the new group of students about the issues associated with electric power trains and energy storage technologies. He mentioned the need for safe lightweight low carbon technologies and alternative materials like biocomposites that could be used for chassis development for future cars. Under consideration was electric recharging logistics and the introduction of fast charge electric car stations and the power implications for national power infrastructures.

The dyno check

Green MotorSport is evaluating a new dyno testing facility for its electric vehicles in order to provide dynamic data for our drive solutions. The data provides us with information on the performance of our motors and efficiency of our electronics. The system will be offered to Green MotorSport customers as soon as we have evaluated the testing procedure.

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