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Green MotorSport is pushing forward with several new developments in order to complete our new electric kart to be used in our planned series of races with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow scheduled for 2008. The new kart will consist of several modules, the motor, a state of the art battery and monitoring system and advanced software integrated electronic control systems. The high speed electric kart will be used to test technologies and transfer efficient power train systems and components to the automotive industry.


The new G motor

The new G motor, designed and manufactured exclusively for Green MotorSport, will enable us to supply other markets with cost effective mass produced, high performance, lightweight, compact robust motor technology.  The new unit, the GMS M1, boasts incredible performance characteristics. The AC water cooled 48 volt high performance, high frequency motor is capable of pulling 870 amps peak. Green MotorSport sponsor, Bowe Watts Clargo is contributing to the new electric racing kart’s development.

The new compact motor delivers its power in a very different way from a conventional DC motor, and will give comparable performance to our large 40 kW DC motor used in our older performance kart, which set speed records at Rockingham race track in the UK. The performance is obtained by our unique water cooling system and efficient windings. The motor is brushless and totally sealed from the elements making it durable and robust. This makes our new range of motors suitable for almost any application, from electric cars to electric water craft, or any other high performance application where keeping costs low is of importance. The technology will be proven in motor sport, the most demanding environment, renowned for its contribution to automotive research and development. The AC motor is a joint effort of Green MotorSport’s technology partners, who have over 40 years’ combined expertise in developing prototypes in the electric motor business.

Leading to Formula Green

The Hill Climb “Wisper” has become part of Green MotorSport’s green fleet of racing cars, both for display and R&D purposes. The Wisper Hillclimb prototype car is real proof that the technology has the required power and can work reliably and efficiently.

Wisper Prototype                                    Wisper Dashboard

The Westfield based Wisper, built and previously owned by Martin Ogilvie, former Lotus F1 chief designer, incorporates our range of efficient DC motor technologies and DC control systems.

Wisper Specifications

  • 0 -60 - under 5 secs
  • Top Speed - 100 MPH
  • Weight - 580 KG
  • Drive - 4 wheel Drive DC electric
  • Energy Store - Lead Acid Batteries 60 Volts ( two packs of racing batteries)
  • Control systems - 4 1000 Amp DC Controllers
  • BHP - 0ver 180 BHP
  • Power - 140 KW

Proposed Green MotorSport Hillclimb Car

The newly designed Hillclimb racing car will incorporate the latest efficient technologies. The new motors proposed to be used in the project are AC technology. When the new prototype has been fully evaluated, Green MotorSport will enter the advanced hill climb car in the British Hillclimb Championship. The Hillclimb races will enable Green MotorSport to test and refine new materials, alternative fuels and technologies for our future ‘Formula Green’ championships, which will be the green alternative to the prestigious Formula One.

Green MotorSport Hillclimb Project car

Hill Climb Project car specification.

  • 0-100 MPH - 3 sec
  • Top speed - Over 150 MPH
  • Weight - 400KG
  • Drives - 2 120 kwatt motors rear, 2 80 kw front
  • Energy Store - High discharge lithium packs
  • Control systems - Software Controlled electronic speed controllers
  • BHP - 550

The Hillclimb Project is already designed and ready to go. If your organisation is interested in sponsoring Green MotorSport projects to achieve its goal in Formula Green or perhaps would like to get involved with the core technology, please contact Green MotorSport. Information about the opportunities for involvement and presentations can be given on request.

Hybrid fuel cell

Valeswood ETD is one of Green MotorSport’s latest technology partners. Based in Birmingham, the Company specialises in the supply of environmental technologies. Green MotorSport has currently entered into collaboration with Valeswood to develop high power fuel cells and control systems. The relationship brings an additional range of technical expertise to Green MotorSport.

Green MotorSport certification

Green MotorSport has received certification from the Government’s Energy Efficient Motorsport scheme (EEMS), which seeks to place a premium on the efficient use of resources and to encourage the development of alternative fuels and power train technologies. It will put energy efficiency at the heart of modern motor sport – without compromising the sporting spectacle.


Green MotorSport and Unlimited Energy exhibited at the Accelerate Clusters Summer Conference and Exhibition at the Chepstow Race Course. The event was funded by the Welsh Assembly Government and European Union Objective One. Accelerate Clusters is a programme designed to support and develop the automotive sector in Wales by focussing on emerging technologies and niche market opportunities. Green MotorSport demonstrated its projects and a range of exciting new energy storage devices at the event.

The Rockingham Festival

At the Rockingham Festival in July, Green MotorSport went into overdrive with education and learning groups! Green MotorSport demonstrated and educated over 2500 children from all across the UK. The educational programme we compiled covered climate change, renewables and how they will power the cars that the children will drive in the future. The project joined forces with The Hybrid Development for Motor Sport and energy efficient transport solutions company “Oaktec” to provide a professional well thought out batch of presentations for all the children.


Kim Gyr (left pic) of Green MotorSport and Paul Andrews of Oaktec (seen in the right pic) explained hybrid technology to one of the groups of young people at the Rockingham Festival.


Green MotorSport showed off its electric racing karts and renewable energy solar array at the Green Fleet Awards at London’s Guildhall this summer. The future of the automotive industry was shown by prototype vehicles ranging from battery electric powered cars and bikes, a fuel cell motorbike and hydrogen powered buses and cars. Daphne Vivian-Neal, one of Green MotorSport’s supporters is seen here with BMW’s hydrogen car.

The event was  sponsored by Transport for London, with GlobalLive the official Tracking Partner in the Capital Fuel Challenge Nicky Gavron, the Deputy Mayor Of London, was impressed by Green MotorSport’s work developing electric vehicles powered by the sun and wind. The solar panels on the roof of our transporter are used to recharge one of the electric karts.

During the summer, Green MotorSport also showed its electric karts and solar powered systems at several events. The company also was featured in a number of magazine articles. Successful events include: The electric solar powered tests with Ford Park Raceway at the Silverstone race track during the F1 Grand Prix. Green MotorSport achieved 100% sustainability powering the high performance electric model racers all weekend, using the array of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the kart transporter as seen with Nicky Gavron above. At the Royal Bath and West Show we achieved 6th place for our electric Rental Kart in the sustainable transport class. During the summer we also featured in the 2007 2nd issue of F1 Racing Green. An article on the proposed electric karting series with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow was featured in the new F1 Racing Green magazine, along with Martin Ogilvie’s feature on the new Hill Climb electric racing car.  Green MotorSport is also featured in the Kids Company Autumn 2007 Newsletter.

Green MotorSport is planning to display the Wisper electric racing car at Shift 2007, which takes place at the Said Business School in Oxford on the 19th September.

Ross Curnow (seen above)Testing the Green MotorSport GMS LIFE high performance battery packs in the electric kart at Rockingham 2007 ( see the videos )


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