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At Greenfleetís Arrive and Drive at Rockingham in April, Green MotorSportís new lithium ion powered racing super kart set the Green MotorSport Rockingham electric speed record with a 1 min. 7 second lap. Martin Ogilvie of Green MotorSport also demonstrated the hill climbing ability of the electric WISPER. Also on show with Green MotorSport was the Spirit Chassis, WLW07 designed by Keith Lane, which was the first single seater Formula Ford car in Europe to run on E85 bio ethanol fuel.



Green MotorSport adds expertise in fuel technology and alternative fuels. The car is a standard formula ford with only minor modifications that runs on ethanol. Our other technology partners, Clyde Valley Racing, gave a presentation on the Green MotorSportís bio ethanol powered touring car, which will lead the way with environmentally friendly fuels in the British Touring Car Championship proposed for 2008.



Green MotorSport later returned to Rockingham for the VIP Low Carbon Challenge. This was organised by the British Touring Car Club. There was much interest in our new technologies and we set up a new project to develop and evaluate a hybrid fuel cell drive system in our electric karts.




Getting across to a worldwide audience

Sky News exclusively followed Green MotorSport to Rockingham where a short documentary was filmed. Gordon Foat also appeared on Live SKY NEWS Breakfast Time. Gordon explained to an international audience once again that Green MotorSportís work has implications not just for racing cars, but for the whole of the automotive industry, which will benefit from our development and evaluation of the most advanced automotive technologies. Green MotorSport has exclusive permission to show the clip.

Green MotorSport attracted constant attention at our stand at EXPO 2007 in Birmingham NEC, where the Discovery Channel proposed interest in doing a further in depth documentary on our R&D activities. Sponsors of the Green MotorSport electric racing series with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow will benefit from global coverage at such events.

New Partners for Green MotorSport

Peter Crewes, one of the true legends in mini motor sport, has decided to go green and converted his engine to run on bio ethanol fuel. He was pleasantly surprised to be able to extract more power than before. Peter decided to contest the Dunlop Motor Sport News Saloon Car Championship and the Xtreem Mighty Mini Championship, so far with fantastic success. He is in second place in the Dunlop Championship so far and is leading the Xtreem Mighty Minis in the first two rounds. Peter and his Team Manager, Brian Benson look forward to promoting Green MotorSport and raising the profile of the group projects in the racing series.

Green MotorSport also has proposed a new dynamic ethanol project with industry partners Auto Historic Limited. The project is to demonstrate the feasibility of powering with renewable fuels a LOLA T300 Formula 5000 historic sports car manufactured in 1972. F5000 cars run small block Chevrolet engines developing almost 500 bhp and around 425 ft lbs of torque. These power figures made them considerably quicker than F1 cars of the day.


Biofuels for transport?

Green MotorSportís projects include the development of biofuel technologies to recharge battery electric vehicles, or to directly replace petrol in engines, or to provide hydrogen for future fuel cell powered vehicles. However, there is a lot of controversy about the use of biofuels for transport. Obviously we do nothing to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions if we cut down tropical forests in order to produce palm oil to power our cars! Equally we do not want to cause food shortages or increased prices by using agricultural land to grow energy crops.

On the other hand, the UN reports that recent oil price increases have had devastating effects on many of the worldís poorest countries and they could be helped if a portion of the money now being sent abroad to pay for oil, is diverted to local agricultural and manufacturing sectors, where it would strengthen economies and generate employment.

Fastest electric laps at Buckmore Park!

Oliver Welton, lead Green MotorSport engineer, drove 11 laps non-stop around Buckmore Park in Green Motorsportís latest electric kart powered by the GMS LiFe batteries. The fastest time for our first attempt with the new GMS power pack on the 1200 metres circuit was 47.5 seconds, however Oliver claims that at least 5-6 + seconds was easily lost due to incorrect gearing! Our next test is planned once again at Buckmore Park, and we will let you know in our next newsletter if we have taken the lap record!

Research and Education

Kingston University is making good progress with our new quick release battery system, while recent contacts with Warwick University show development of new materials for racing cars and karts. Preparation of our new electric super kart sponsored by BWC is currently under way. The university project is running in parallel with our Green MotorSport chassis development project.

Youth and Green MotorSport

Green MotorSport in partnership with FordPark Raceway Mobile will bring you renewable powered model electric racing. "Miniature Scale Green MotorSport" Green MotorSport will be providing the much needed energy from solar panels and renewable energy systems at all major events this coming year. We will be demonstrating renewable energy systems at top class locations over the course of 2007 and 2008 in an effort to engage children with Green MotorSport and new technology. The super fast model electric cars will be powered purely from Green MotorSport's power systems. Dennis Payne, owner of FordPark Raceway Mobile said, "It's a really great way of promoting green motor sport and it's associated technologies to both the old and the younger generation. People need to understand where the energy is coming from and the benefits of reducing our carbon footprint"

Up and coming events

Green MotorSport will be demonstrating our technology at the Show organized by the Royal Bath and West of England Society, Patron HM the Queen on Wednesday 30th May till Sat 2nd June 2007, where we are entering the sustainable transports awards for innovation.

Green MotorSport & partners are exhibiting at the :

  • Kingston Green Fair on May 28th
  • Oxford Brookes University in June,
  • Goodwood Air Show June 16-17,
  • Rockingham Festival July 3rd-5th
  • Silverstone F1 July 5th,6th,7th 8th
  • Littlehampton, July 27-28-29,
  • Dublin, 11-12 August, I.O.W
  • Power Boat F1 25-26 August,
  • Donington World Renault Series Sept 8-9 and
  • London Motor Racing Show Excel Dec 8-9.






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