1) A Green MotorSport bio ethanol touring car to compete in the British Touring Car Championship

Our team aims to win the Drivers and Team Championship! We have all the key ingredients to do so, with full manufacturer support from Chevrolet, Government support through the Energy Efficient Motor Sport Scheme to run on Bio-Ethanol and, most importantly, winning drivers!

2) The electric Hill Climb

This is an R&D opportunity for active participation in British hill climb/sprint events. It will showcase our ability to be at the leading edge of electric vehicle design, demonstrate the ability to actively control four independent wheel motors, and electronically optimise vehicle dynamics in a very high performance vehicle.

We are developing the most efficient regenerative braking and looking into new energy storage technologies for F1.


3) Our GMS ethanol Formula Ford demonstration opportunity.

A brand new Green MotorSport ethanol powered Formula Ford will be on show for the very first time to promote the Green MotorSport series. The car is a Spirit WL07 Formula Ford, designed and built by Spirit Racing Cars of Snetterton, Norfolk. It is powered by a standard 1.6 litre Ford Duratech engine, as found in the 1.6 Ford Fiesta. Formula Ford aims to be the first single seater series in Europe to run on E85 bio ethanol fuel. This car is to be driven by Gary Findlay who is an arable farmer in Suffolk and may be the first racing driver to grow his own fuel! We have various partnership opportunities for those wishing to be involved in this exciting project. The Ford Motor Company has completed a successful test with bio ethanol and they plan to run an entire series of Formula Ford on bio ethanol by 2008. Green MotorSport will be actively involved in this Championship.

4) GMS electric kart series in Association with the BRDC Stars Of Tomorrow.

The GMS electric kart race series is planned to consist of 15 Green MotorSport electric karts, which will be powered by renewable energy. The new high performance karts will be run exclusively with a state of the art advanced battery pack developed by Green MotorSport. This battery configuration is the first of its kind in the world, no one has done this before. More information can be found at GMS Life Pack

at Rockingham

The Arrive 'N' Drive 07 on 3rd April will enable fleet managers and those responsible for vehicle procurement to test drive fuel efficient vehicles around a world class race circuit. Green MotorSport will be demonstrating a number of innovative high performance electric and biofuel powered vehicles on the day. ( see the video )

"WISPER" is a high powered electric hill climb prototype, designed for serious acceleration. The electric powered super kart that was featured on CNN news will be driving on the oval setting the pace with the most advanced battery technology on board. Ross Curnow, Patron of Green MotorSport will demonstrate the high power and extended range achieved with our new high performance battery known as the “GMS Life Pack”. This high power battery technology is based on new highly active nano-scale materials.

Green MotorSport will also be running test drives in our number 1 new Rental Kart product as part of the arrive and drive Rockingham experience. The Green MotorSport rental kart is simply outstanding. Once strapped in by our Green MotorSport officials, fleet managers will have the chance to get behind the wheel of one of the fasted rental karts ever made!

The Green MotorSport event will offer sponsorship opportunities for our planned series of races in association with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow as well as the GMS ethanol Formula Ford demonstration opportunity, power train development in the Electric Hill Climb and the development of our bio-ethanol touring car to compete in the British Touring Car Championship.

Our marketing package will provide interested companies with the chance to be involved in all GMS scheduled activities, so that sponsors of Green MotorSport can be associated with all these events, thereby adding tremendous value to the Green MotorSport marketing opportunity. At the Rockingham event we will be offering the ultimate package for interested sponsors and investors as well as research and development opportunities for forward thinking companies. Sponsorship opportunities cover all aspects of worthwhile, cost effective, efficient marketing while packing a serious green punch!

Green motor sport reaches F1

F1 is playing a part in Green Motor Sport. Honda is developing technologies which will make vehicles more energy efficient and recently released its new F1 car painted in the colours of the Globe to highlight the issue of climate change.

Green MotorSport supporters

We are pleased to announce that Martin Ogilvie has joined the Green MotorSport team. Martin has been Chief Designer of Advanced Composites for Lotus Engineering since 1991 and is also Chief Designer at Team Lotus Formula One. He is responsible for the race-winning F1 cars of Mario Andretti and Ayrton Senna. His Ambition is to assist in giving motor racing new green credentials. Gordon Foat and Martin Ogilvie will be planning the electric hill climb project. The partnership brings a great deal of new technical expertise to Green MotorSport.


Green MotorSport welcomes a new up and coming driver. Archie Hamilton has joined the Green MotorSport team of supporting drivers. Archie is 16 years old and is joining other Green MotorSport supporters, including Ross Curnow, Michelle Hayward, Dan Eaves, Colin Neill and Beck-Beth Cox.

Archie is competing in the British Senior Rotax Championship with Project One Racing. He aims to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a successful racing driver, winning Le Mans in a Jaguar C-Type back in 1953 and was also a Formula One Driver. Archie supports Green MotorSport projects and is very interested in the future of Green MotorSport.

Lewis Hamilton, who achieved third place in the Australian Grand Prix is also a keen personal supporter of Green MotorSport

Green MotorSport Partners with University.

Green MotorSport is proud to announce our R&D collaboration with the University of Kingston upon Thames.

Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport demonstrated Green MotorSport’s electric kart with advanced batteries to students at Kingston University.

The students get the chance to assist Green MotorSport with research. Here they are seen working on a brand new state of the art quick release battery tray for use in our GMS planned series of races with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow. The project engages students in engineering and power electronics, covering materials science, safety testing, and engineering.

Prince Charles calls for action on climate change

Green MotorSport contributed to an interesting event in Woking, when the Prince of Wales introduced a short film he had commissioned to address the problem of climate change. This was followed by Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, which portrays the challenges we face with climate change. Green MotorSport endorses the calls for changing investment to efficient and clean transport technologies and renewable fuels made in the Stern Review and by the Environmental Audit Committee. We welcome the first steps made in the Budget, but much more is needed. Motor Racing has traditionally been a test and development ground for new transport technologies and Green MotorSport will lead the way with advanced electric systems, biofuels and in due course, hydrogen fuel cells.

Marine motorsport

Green MotorSport has recently partnered with a energy efficient boat design team and will be pushing a range of new energy efficient electric boats for the water transport applications. The relationship is based on our research and development into batteries and energy storage devices which are being developed for electric propulsion markets.

Racing Website

Green MotorSport’s workshop is currently developing our new racing website designed to provide information for drivers and sponsors. The site will contain driver details and sign up, payment options, racing results, track information, rules and regulations, news on our drivers’ sponsors and technology partners. There will also be a Green MotorSport accessory items page, covering fan club membership and a range of exciting Green MotorSport gismos and team branded clothing which will be on offer to the public. The website is scheduled to go live in May.

Project Sponsor

Green MotorSport also welcomes yet another project sponsor. Bowe Watts Clargo develops strategies to achieve business goals and solutions to commercial complexities. With in-depth knowledge of key public sector services and related contract structures. Green MotorSport is proud to announce the tie-up with not only a Member of the International Project Finance Association but also a company that has recently established a specialist consultancy “SR+”, focussed on environmental and life-style issues.

Green MotorSport on SKY NEWS,  7th April 2007

News In :  Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport explains all on SKY NEWS




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