Green MotorSport is continuing with its projects to highlight new technologies to the racing world and support the automotive industry with green fuel solutions.

Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport is seen here with Carolynn Hoy, Director of BRDC Stars of Tomorrow at AutoSport International show NEC in Birmingham. Carolynn is keen to see Gordon’s new technology and would like to start the electric racing series powered from renewable energy during this year’s Stars of Tomorrow events.


 New Super Battery : Extending the range!

Green MotorSport has finished its development of its new Green battery. The new battery pack will be known as the “GMS Life Pack”. It will be exclusively used in our Green MotorSport karting events, and was developed for our planned GMS electric racing series. The new Green MotorSport lithium-ion power pack will give extended range and more power than has so far been achieved with our previous electric kart battery systems. One of the issues highlighted by the motor sport karting industry was the limited duration run time of our electric karts. Our new battery will provide our drivers and audience with a truly electrifying demonstration of power and speed! The technology is state of the art and avoids the usual problems of lithium based batteries. The Green MotorSport battery is safe, powerful and doesn’t suffer from extreme load conditions or high power demands and is very lightweight. Green MotorSport is also evaluating a new type of energy storage system which may be launched at this year’s events, subject to our tests and certification progress.

Ross Curnow (Right), Patron of Green MotorSport’s planned electric racing series, admires a new chassis at AutoSport International. Ross, who was awarded third place at last year’s Formula BMW UK Championship, is testing Green MotorSport’s karts powered with the new GMS LiFe batteries in preparation for Green MotorSport's 15 electric kart line up planned to run in association with the BRDC Stars Of Tomorrow, the premier karting organisation to push motor sport talent. Recent success stories include Lewis Hamilton, who has recently set fastest laps in an F1 car.   

Waste not want not!

Every day waste authorities are disposing of organic waste into landfill sites. There is enough energy in our domestic waste to meet a significant part of our transport energy needs. Green MotorSport is obtaining biofuels from organic waste to power one of its fuel cells, which will then be used to recharge an electric kart. The fuel is obtained by using an anaerobic digester, which works on the same principle as our stomachs, using tiny microbes to convert organic matter to hydrogen rich fuel. We can help the environment by using fuel from waste, because we prevent the methane emissions escaping into the atmosphere where they contribute to global warming. Methane gas is highly calorific and contains a large concentration of hydrogen that can be used to power our homes and transport.

Carbon Mitigation

There are various schemes to ‘offset’ carbon emissions popping up. We must make sure that any carbon we offset stays offset into the future, and is kept safely in perpetuity, just as fossil fuels have been stored safely in the ground for millions of years. If one reduces one’s carbon footprint, the offset should be permanent and not just for twenty or thirty years. Carbon offsetting should be considered as a last resort for reducing emissions.

Green MotorSport is using biofuels and a renewable energy mix to power our back up vehicles and facilities. This will displace the carbon, which would otherwise have been emitted using fossil fuels. Green MotorSport has taken into account every energy efficient measure to reduce our carbon footprint.

Gordon Foat tried out a Saab car powered by bio ethanol.

Green, green grass

When we use ‘green’ fuel we should ensure that its impact on the environment is benign. A ten year evaluation by the University of Minnesota, USA, has found that obtaining energy from mixtures of native grassland perennials can actually improve the environment. Using agriculturally degraded land which neither displaces food production nor causes loss of biodiversity via habitat destruction, up to 240% more energy was obtained from high diversity grassland than from conventional energy crops. The entire process is ‘carbon negative’ because more carbon is taken up and stored in the soil than is used in biofuel production.

Green MotorSport clears the air!

There is a bonus, particularly for young people taking part in Green MotorSport’s activities and changing to renewable fuels. Exposure to traffic fumes while the lungs are growing contributes to asthma and may even stunt lung development. For all participants at Green MotorSport events, there is the pleasure of cleaner air during our races. For more information on the progress of Green MotorSport please see our recent news page

For more information on how to get involved with the Green Races download our information packs.

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