Every week we are using up the best and most freely available oil that was formed over about 20,000 years - by this time next year we will have burnt up oil created over a million years! If we carry on doing this we will damage the world we live in. NASA scientists have just announced that we are getting closer to dangerous levels of human-made pollution.

Green MotorSport was the first to develop a strategy for all forms of energy saving and renewable fuels for motor sport. Our electric vehicles are powered with energy from solar panels and micro wind energy collectors and for longer distance journeys we use biofuels derived from waste whenever possible. Our development programme includes hybrid systems, advanced batteries, flywheels, biofuels and fuel cells powered by hydrogen from renewable energy sources.

Renewable fuels in Wales!

Green MotorSport was invited to show a high performance electric racing kart at The Five Counties Business Week in Wales. Onlookers were amazed at the power and handling of the vehicle, which is seen here with Saab’s ethanol powered car.

The event was organized prior to the opening of the first ethanol refuelling station in Wales.

Biofuels for motor sport

Green MotorSport’s truck can be powered entirely by renewable biofuels. However, until there are more filling stations we have to use some fossil fuels. Green MotorSport has signed up with BP’s Target Neutral, which aims to offset drivers’ CO2 emissions by funding renewable energy projects.

Everything helps, but the Government’s estimate of the cost of carbon dioxide emissions is very much higher than BP’s. We should also be doing more to expedite the introduction of alternative fuels for our own vehicles in the UK.

Biogas from waste could be supplemented with biofuels from energy crops. The UK National Farmers Union is keen to grow biofuels on set aside land, which would not affect food production. After processing the fuels, up to half of the crop would remain for other uses like animal feed. When the biogas has been extracted from agricultural waste, it leaves the main constituents of a fertilizer, so the nitrogen, phosphorous and phosphates can be recycled for the next energy crop. Some of the biofuels can be allocated to the production and transportation of fuels locally. No fossil fuels will be burnt, so the whole process will be carbon neutral.

Green MotorSport Patron’s Podium Finish!

On 15th October, the Green MotorSport Team was invited to Silverstone National Circuit for the final rounds of the Formula BMW UK Championship 2006. Ross Curnow, the Patron of Green MotorSport’s electric racing series within the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow Programme, won third place in the Championship!

Ross Curnow wears the Green MotorSport logo on his arm and also displays it on his racing car. He is keen to start Green MotorSport’s series of races under the banner of BRDC Stars of Tomorrow, which is planned to commence next spring.

Ross received his award from Peter Walker, the motor sport manager for BMW UK. Next to Ross is Andy Priaulx, the World Touring Car Champion, who supports the BMW racing series.

Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport talked to Andy Priaulx in the VIP suite at Silverstone and Andy was excited by our plans for biofuels and other forms of renewable energy for motor sport. Green MotorSport and Ross involve sponsors in the real world of motor racing! We will be attending the DELL Formula BMW World Final in Valencia, Spain on 24th – 26th November 2006. Young drivers who have taken part in this year’s BMW Formula races around the world will compete for a Formula One test drive with the BMW Sauber F1 Team, as well as prizes totalling $60,000

Motor Industry wants sustainable mobility

The world’s motor manufacturers are striving to develop vehicles powered by energy saving and renewable technologies. DaimlerChrysler says that a paradigm shift towards sustainable mobility will be marked by the use of various primary energy sources. The concept of using electrolysis to produce hydrogen from wind power, solar energy and geo-thermal energy is particularly forward looking and appealing. Hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles offer tremendous gains in efficiency and reduced energy consumption that cannot be achieved even with the improved concepts for combustion engines which DaimlerChrysler is also working on.

Commercialization Charge!

Chevrolet will lead General Motors’ ‘commercialization charge’ to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with the launch in 2007 of a hundred Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell cars! The fuel cell technology is seamlessly integrated into a uniquely styled crossover vehicle that is distinctively Chevrolet. Honda will start limited marketing of a totally new hydrogen fuel cell powered car in the USA and Japan in 2008.

Saab Automobile and Ford Europe are taking part in a European programme to introduce bio-ethanol for transport. More than 10,000 cars and buses will be put into operation and several bio-ethanol filling stations will be opened.

Green MotorSport is now confirming arrangements with Technology Partners for the first of its series of races with electric vehicles powered by renewable energy, which is planned to start in April 2007. The venues for the 2007 events have now been confirmed and full details for technology partners and other sponsors will be on Green MotorSport’s website later this week.

New in, See the Green MotorSport Electric kart featured on Fifth Gear on Five, with Vicki Butler-Henderson & Tim Lovejoy

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