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Green MotorSport is gearing up for the world’s first racing series powered by renewable energy!     In conjunction with the British Racing Driver Club’s Stars of Tomorrow, preparations are under way for eight races with electric karts powered by renewable technologies.  Green MotorSport is seeking technology partners in the professional area of renewable energy.

Green MotorSport’s “GMS” electric kart series is the world’s first proposed professional electric kart racing series powered by renewable energy.  There will be 15 high performance electric Green MotorSport karts taking part in the series of eight races planned for 2007.  The racing karts will be powered by micro wind energy collectors and solar panels, with bio fuelled and hydrogen generators providing additional power for both vehicles and equipment.

Current development reaching its limits

Conventional motor sport and F1 activities are reaching the limits with the development of the internal combustion engine.  Car manufactures have taken the first step with hybrid electric, fuel cell and ethanol powered vehicles. Why is this ?  Motor sport should be seen to be the front runner, not just on the track, but in development and innovation for the automotive industry!

Green MotorSport is the first motor sport company to develop and promote new renewable energy technologies for racing and the automotive motor sport  industry.   Green MotorSport’s electric karts already have regenerative braking, which reduces refuelling stops. Our electric motors have instantaneous high torque and provide high bursts of power, which ensures rapid starts and unbelievable acceleration for overtaking. 

Green MotorSport vehicles will not just be demonstrators of the finest new technologies, but we will assist in the development and technology transfer of new energy storage devices for use by the racing and automotive industries.

World publicity 

We will have television coverage on Sky as part of the dedicated BRDC ‘Stars of Tomorrow Championship’.   We are also inviting CNN which recently gave Green MotorSport worldwide peak time television coverage, to follow up with this year’s progress.  Other television networks have expressed much interest.

The series of races was featured in Autosport Magazine on 27th July 06 and it is planned to follow this up with full coverage of the racing series.  

The main UK press will be kept informed and The Car & Driving regional news network, which reaches 4 million people weekly, will give full publicity to Green MotorSport events. Passion For the Planet digital radio will also support Green MotorSport.   Passion’s broadcasts cover 13 million people, reaching out to those who purchase ethically and are interested in sustainable energy systems.

Technology Partners 

Racing has traditionally been the test bed for the development of new automotive technologies. There will be scheduled programmes for testing and developing vehicle components, including advanced energy storage systems, batteries, motors and controllers.  Different types of micro wind energy collectors and solar panels will be evaluated, as well as hydrogen fuel cells and generators powered by a range of high performance bio fuels. The equipment we use in the pits and our supporting vehicles will be powered by innovative energy systems.

Green MotorSport has several technology partners already who play a technical role in the setup of the racing series and it’s technology.

If you would like to join in with the world’s first racing series powered by energy saving and renewable technologies, our business plan is being finalized and will be available under the Sponsorship section on our website. 

If you are involved with renewable energy, and you are interested in raising the profile of your company and products in this dynamic new area, you may apply to join the limited number of technology partners we are seeking.  Partners are chosen on their professional ability to provide working technology of high quality, reliability and performance and to maintain the high standards over a 5 year project timeframe. Partnership applications must be in by end of September 06.  Technology partners and other sponsors will benefit from a wealth of branding and advertising media opportunities spread over a 4 year racing program and a 5 Year business plan.  These media opportunities will be explained fully in our business plan, which will be available shortly.

Teaming up with BTCC drivers!

Green MotorSport is working with competitors in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), who will use bio ethanol to fuel their vehicles.  Colin Neill, a former Scottish 125 Champion and 250 Scottish Open Champion, has set up Clyde Valley Racing which is scheduled to enter a two car team in the 2007 BTCC.   Dan Eaves, a former BTCC Independents Champion, will drive the other car.  Their Chevrolet Lacetti race cars will have full manufacturer support as an Official Chevrolet Customer Team.  They have also secured backing from the UK Government’s Energy Efficient Motor Sport scheme. More information about this relationship can be obtained from our supporting drivers and team section under information on the Green MotorSport home page.  

 The British Touring Car Championship is the UK’s biggest motor racing show. ITV Sport gives extensive coverage watched by massive audiences.   Race days are shown in their entirety in over 50 countries.  Green MotorSport and its signed up partners and sponsors will also benefit from this media coverage.

Formula Woman 

Another first for Green MotorSport is teaming up with a driver selected for the newly formed Formula Woman Championship.   Michelle Hayward is one of only 16 drivers, chosen from over 4,000 applicants.  Michelle is Logistics Manager for the GMS Electric kart racing series with Green MotorSport.   She is currently studying for an MSc in motor sport engineering at Cranfield University. 

GMS sponsor wins at Donington!

Ross Curnow, Green MotorSport’s patron for the GMS races that will be run with the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow, poled in race practice at Donington with a fastest lap. 0.17 of a second ahead of the pack in the Formula BMW UK Championship 2006. Ross just recently gained 1st place and a new lap record at Snetterton on the weekend of 12th/13th August 2006.   Ross, a former winner of the Formula BMW UK Rookie Award is on track for a very successful racing year in formula BMW.  Ross’s dedication to Green Motorsport has assisted with the high profile branding of the Green MotorSport Logo seen on his arm and on his racing car.  Ross is currently in 2nd place in the BMW UK Formula Championship.






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