Fuel Cell Technology Showcase at the Ideal Home Exhibition

Infineon Ltd. displays Palcan Fuel Cells Ltd. 500 Watt Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell stack and Metal Hydride fuel canister at London's Ideal Home Exhibition, with an expected 2003 audience of upwards of 500,000 visitors. Gordon Foat, of GreenMotorsport.com introduced Infineon UK limited, to the Burnaby, Canada based Company, and Mr Foat is looking at forging many new opportunities for fuel cell technologies in the U.K.

Foat was very happy with the public reaction to what he, sees, “as a present day environmentally responsible sustainable energy source, that is now available".

The prime obstacle to market penetration for commercial introduction of fuel cells is critical mass and economies of scale. This resulting steep cost curve is why the pre-commercial innovators and front-runners are generally funded by military, governments and research institutions.

Consequently, Foat saw an opportunity through Pano's Infineon Ltd, who is courting various police councils with an extremely efficient and stylish electric mountain bicycle. Why not approach the police and see if we can put the Bobby's on fuel cell bikes?

Their logic is to capitalize on a unique marketing angle, "the Congestion Zone syndrome-" why not utilise the five Pound levy and apply the proceeds to a truly green solution?” Panos Karachalios, had made arrangements to have Palcan's Founder and CEO, Dr. John Shen visit London with his fuel cell bike, for the show and conduct some actual demonstrations. Next year Gordon Foat, Panos Karachalios, and Palcan hope to have a whole range of bicycles, scooters and other fuel celled powered applications to help Britons breath more freely and feel good about moving forward with clean transport projects. For more information and pictures see the Future Energies website.

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