WAVE 2012 : Team GB : Green MotorSport EV Rally


 World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) 2012


Our Green MotorSport Team GB drivers are : Gordon Foat and Katherine Foat.

WAVE hotline dial from UK 07822135356 or outside the UK dial 00447822135356

The WAVE will take place from 9 to 22 September 2012. The route from Italy to Holland will lead through a big variety of cultures and landscapes, mountains and languages. It will make the WAVE a demanding challenge.  At each WAVE stop en route, press conferences and events will be held with the public, schools and the press.   This adventure gives excellent publicity to our Sponsors. It will attract global media and assist in the development of these technologies for future generations. Events will be organized to spread this powerful message to a global audience: Let’s move the whole world to renewable energies and electric mobility! We will visit governments, business leaders, schools and places of interest. Events are planned every day, each followed by a drive of up to 100 kms. Events will include press announcements, radio and TV interviews, video displays and competitions. The WAVE will be recorded and the pictures sold to television, cable and satellite channels around the world.

Full Plan Itinerary

More details about the cars in WAVE

WAVE 2012 TEAM GB Green MotorSport Sponsors

Southwest Heating Solutions : Southwest Heating Solutions have grown from a small family run operation to be one of the UK's largest installer of German storage radiators.  The experienced engineers and electricians are fully qualified, registered and trained to install our radiators with the utmost precision.  Installation can take place in one day with no mess, no pipe work, no muddy boots and no fuss and can advise clients and help them  transfer to the most economical electricity tariff available from their existing energy provider.   http://www.southwestheatingsolutions.co.uk/

Dyna Pro Dynamometers Ltd : Established itself over the years as a leading manufacturer of professional Chassis Dynamometers in the UK, with a reputation for thinking ‘outside the box’ designing cutting edge dynamometer systems that achieve unrivalled control over the vehicle being tested. This commitment to pushing the boundaries of engine tuning has led to a range of Dynamometers to suit the customers requirements http://www.dynapro.co.uk/

The Green Marine : When the planet calls there’s a new kid on the block. Remember the name people Clay Swift! The Green Marine (TGM) is a new science fiction action adventure animation series set in the present day. It follows Clay Swift and the team as they act locally and battle globally to protect Planet Earth not only from its inhabitants but also from a succession of evil alien eco-villains, and they still get home in time for tea!    http://thegreenmarine.com/

Chocolate PR :  Based in Leeds and London, the Chocolate PR team works across Yorkshire and in the big smoke, supporting clients with their PR, events and marketing communications. The award winning team can help increase sales by raising your profile, online and off-line. As your PR agency in Leeds and London (and anywhere in between) we can support you with PR and marketing campaign planning, PR training, media relations, events, social media & online PR to get your company noticed - for all the right reasons.   Green MotorSport is working closely with the Chocolate team.  http://www.chocolatepr.co.uk/

Mantle Panel :  The award winning Mantle Building System is a patented, tested and certified British system-build solution. It uses ‘super-insulated’ composite materials to provide a structural solution that is fast, cost-effective, green and safe.     http://www.mantlepanel.com/

PEA AWARDS : The PEA Awards reflects a desire to recognise people and celebrate their contributions to the green agenda.  Hosted by King Lion Media in association with GREEN Magazine, this glamorous green carpet awards ceremony honors those who have demonstrated the importance of sustainability. Gordon Foat successfully received the 2012  PEA awards for sustainability and Sport 2012.     http://www.peaawards.com/

Passion for the Planet Digital Radio station : With over 120,000 Listeners each week, the radio station is focused on health and the environment. The radio station has a global, cosmopolitan outlook and was rated in the top 20 DAB radio stations to listen to in the UK in a survey in the Independent. PASSION for the PLANET is a speech station for music lovers, and a music station for people who like to be informed, challenged and stretched, as well as entertained. With news, information and expert opinion, mixed with a blend of music, PASSION for the PLANET provides information and ideas to allow listeners to make informed choices about living a greener, healthier and more ethical lifestyle.   http://www.passionfortheplanet.com


EVRS  : EVRS is a waste recycling company that has developed a unique technology for the recycling of non hazardous waste, that diverts all waste from landfill. The company has conducted research and development, to produce the evrs "Zero-Bury" technology, using Thermally Induced Chemical Transformation (TICT). http://www.evrs-zero-bury.co.uk/

Kele Le Roc : Winner of two MOBO Awards in 1999, for Best Newcomer and Best Single. In 2009, she teamed up with OceanFall's Leon Mitchell, to release her new promo and video for "Retro".  Kele has been the eyes of Green MotorSport since 2006 and helps promote environmental issues and associated clean technologies.  http://www.keleleroc.com

Solar Energy Centre : SEC Solar Energy Centre has been involved with Solar Photovoltaic systems and Batteries since 1977, having originally been established by the current family owners to supply remote Solar PV powered Telecom and Cathodic protection systems to the Middle East market. The business grew rapidly and expanded around the world, with its head office today located near London, UK and regional offices in Paris, Bahrain and Hong Kong. With established distribution and a trusted name for quality and reliability, SEC Solar Energy Centre has continued to develop and refine its range over the years, to the point that we now offer some of the best batteries for solar/renewable energy systems and PV panels that are commercially available.  http://www.solarenergycentre.com


True Ingredients: True Ingredients was responsible for the first Music Album on Sunglasses. True ingredients have a keen interest in Green MotorSport and new technology. Their amalgamation of quality production and attention to detail attracted Green MotorSport. True Ingredients was recently promoted at Lovebox music festival by Snoop Doggy Dog.  http://www.trueingredients.com


Galvanize Design : Is a creative graphic design agency who specialize in brand identity, print design and digital communication, being responsible for the design of the Green MotorSport vehicle wrap for the WAVE 2011 and can help you turn your vehicle into a mobile advertising board.  http://www.galvanizedesign.com


Moss Solar Trust: Founder of the Moss Solar Trust, Malcolm Moss, built the world’s first commercial solar powered boat. Solar PV (photo voltaic) is now accepted as a superb power source for boats. His inventions have crossed the Atlantic under solar power – Sun21 in Feb 2007 - and over a hundred passenger solar ferries are now in service. The solar trust will supply the renewable energy for the UK WAVE team (Green MotorSport Team) for WAVE 2012.  http://www.mosssolar.com


Green MotorSport Limited : Recognised as the first motor sport company to research "Green Motorsport". It is the world leader in environmentally conscious motor sport founded by Gordon Foat, stimulating and exploiting research into Future Energies and reducing motor sports’ carbon footprint. Green MotorSport manufactures a range of automotive powertrain technologies and the team was responsible for planning the only UK electric car participation for the WAVE 2011 & 2012 http://www.greenmotorsport.com/


Lautlos Durch Deutschland : Is a national service provider for electric mobility.  The  company specialises in electric mobility. Customers can try out electric car, buy, rent or  finance. Each customer has an unique experience with us to have the opportunity to test electric mobility in all its diversity.



Tongue & Groove Radio: Tongue & Groove Radio based at Tongue & Groove Studios is an internet streaming radio station with 24/7 playlist and live DJ's. putting the tongue back in the groove. http://www.tongueandgrooveradio.com


Fuel Cell Power : Fuel Cell Power has been set up by the family and friends of the late Dr F T Bacon, OBE, FRS, the fuel cell pioneer. With no commercial interest they provide the facts about all types of fuel cells and their supporting infrastructure.  Dr Francis “Tom” Bacon developed the first practical working fuel cell that was used in the Apollo space programme. He was concerned about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment and wanted to modify this technology for use as a clean, efficient source of electricity and heat.  http://http://www.fuelcellpower.org.uk


MCR Print : Whether it is printing business cards, brochures, point-of-sale material or leaflets, we will always ensure that we provide our clients with the most environmentally-friendly printing option.    


The November Project :  The November Project will bring tidal power to the heart of London. This stunning new sustainable energy hub, currently in its design phase, won’t just provide a memorable and educational day out in London, it is also a research and development centre for accessible sustainable energy solutions, working towards eradicating damaging fossil fuels from the Thames and improving its economy and ecology. http://www.thenovemberproject.com

 WAVE 2011 details



If you would still like to take part in this opportunity, Please contact us immediately.


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