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Article New GMS site 8/20/2015
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Article WAVE RETURN 2014 6/18/2014
Green MotorSport’s new prototype electric car successfully completed this year’s World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) powered by renewable energy supplied by the Moss Solar Trust.

WAVE 2014     2014 WAVE ELECTRIC CAR RALLY      Team Green MotorSport and GAF Completes WAVE 2013     JOIN GMS IN THE WAVE 2013     GREEN MOTORSPORT DRIVER DETERMINED TO CREATE ‘THE PEOPLE’S CAR’     WAVE 2012 READY TO GO!     WAVE 2012 CALL     UK Electric rally team returns from World Rally     
On our website you can always find the latest news about Green MotorSport™ , read about our history and our aims. Our mission is to become the premier motor sport company solely devoted to research into alternative cost effective electric powertrain technologies used in motor sport and the automotive industry.

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Green MotorSport Wins WAVE easy charging technology Award 2014
Guinness has confirmed our world record for the largest electric vehicle parade 2014 attempt

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