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Article 3 years of Future Energies progress 4/8/2010
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Article Future Energies: Working Towards a Low Carbon Future 6/14/2007
Future Energies dedication to help in the race to lower carbon emissions through its educational on line approach has expanded its interactive horizon

New services from Future Energies     
Future Energies Limited was founded in Sep 2002 to promote the use of new technologies for delivering, storing and using energy with a view to to assist industry to do something positive for the environment.

The company was set up to stimulate and exploit research into Future Energies, to provide advice on sustainable energy technologies, unlimited energies and low carbon renewable energy projects.

Future Energies Limited is managed by a group of professional environmental project consultants. Company expertise ranges from the electricity supply industry to electric transport. The team offers technical advise on renewable energies particularly the smaller domestic or industrial facilities.

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