Manganese Cobalt Oxide Premium Spinel Powder (MCOA-HP)

Like our other Premium Powders, MnCo2 Premium Powder is designed to provide high performance materials with wide processing flexibility. Our MnCo2 Premium Powder has been developed with increased surface area, finer average particle size, and a narrower particle size distribution. These characteristics make it an excellent choice for enhancing triple-phase boundary areas in composite electrodes, reducing process temperatures, or developing new process technologies.

As with all products, quality and reproducibility are built into our process technology and execution. As with all products in our Premium Powder line, the MnCo2 Premium Powder is provided with comprehensive physical and performance characterization, including electronic and hard copy documentation of:

  • Particle size distribution
  • Surface Area (BET)
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Bulk Conductivity
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Particle Morphology (via SEM)

Please contact us for pricing information

Premium Powders are available in batch sizes from 500 grams to 25 kilograms and are provided with the data package listed above. If you are interested in custom materials, please contact us. to learn more about our custom formulation and characterization capabilities.

High performance SOFC constituent materials

  • Industry-standard material formulations to provide high end performance and a baseline for materials development and optimization studies.
  • Tailored for enhanced sinterability, and lower processing temperatures to provide you the widest possible processing options.
  • Batch-to-batch reproducibility and traceability
  • Lot sizes from 150 grams to >25 kg.
  • Industry leading characterization and reporting to speed your research and development cycles

fuelcellmaterials.comís new line of SOFC products, Premium Grade Powders, are designed to meet the needs of the expanding SOFC industry.

At the laboratory scale, Premium Powders provide customers with the confidence that their research has a foundation in proven, industrially scaled and traceable powders. Premium Powders include the most complete materials characterization available, including analyses of powder physical properties, crystallographic structure, sintering performance and electrical conductivity. With these analyses complete, researchers can focus on research, not product qualification.

For developers and manufacturers, Premium Powders are available at scales from laboratory to pilot to large-scale manufacturing. Leveraging Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing principles, can provide developers with powders throughout the product development and manufacturing cycle. Our quality assurance program and in-depth characterization provide developers with the confidence that batch to batch, materials specifications and performance is consistent and reliable.

For custom materials, can provide with researchers and developers custom materials with Premium Powder content (production capacity, depth of characterization). Contact our sales team today to learn how to access our Premium services for your custom formulations.

If you are interested in our Premium Powders line of products and would like to learn more, please contact our product specialists today.

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