28 cm2 Cell Test Manifold Kit (SMC-Kit)

The 28 cm2 Cell Test Manifold Kit offers a highly effective solution for testing of individual planar solid oxide fuel cells. The kit contains all items necessary to easily mount cells with ~100 cm2 substrates. Designed for both long and short term experiments to measure properties such as fuel utilization, thermal gradients, red-ox cycling and longevity/degradation, these kits will accelerate your research and development activities.

The manifolds have optimal gas flow configurations, sealing surfaces and electrical connections to enhance reproducibility and they have a low chrome content to minimize cathode contamination. The kit has solutions for sealing and interconnection that make it possible to begin to take measurements quickly and easily. Spare parts readily available to keep you running. A custom designed furnace is available as an optional item.

***NEW*** Silver (Ag) interconnection for testing up to 850°C without the expense of platinum


Kit Includes enough of the following for your first five experiments:

  • 1 pair 28 cm2 manifolds
  • 1 Furnace (Optional)
  • Specially configured NextCells™ 
  • Precut seals and alumina slurry
  • LSM cathode connection ink
  • Nickel metal anode connection ink
  • Platinum wire for voltage sensing
  • Pre-cut 28 cm2 nickel metal anode meshes
  • Pre-cut 28 cm2 cathode meshes of either silver or platinum
  • Instruction Manual for Operation

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test Kits

fuelcellmaterials.com offers readily available and cost effective solutions for testing of individual planar solid oxide fuel cells, both large and small. The 28 cm2 fuel cell test kit contains all items necessary to effectively mount cells with ~100 cm2 substrates, while the Probostat™ is a complete test fixture for 20 mm diameter button cells. Designed for both long and short term experiments, these kits will accelerate research and development activities at Universities, National Labs and Industrial SOFC developers.


Anode and cathode development Seal and interconnect development Gas quality and impurity testing Short and long-term performance testing Standardization of testing Much more

Features and Benefits

Complete, cost effective high temperature cell mounting kits - Works with most test stands Excellent gas flow configurations and electrical connections - Minimize temperature gradients and enhance reproducibility Low chrome content - Minimize cathode contamination Solutions for sealing and interconnection - Begin to take measurements quickly and easily Spare parts readily available to keep you running Experienced staff to support your efforts

Fuel Cell Test Kits Include

  • A set of Manifolds or the Probostat test fixture
  • NextCells™ for training and baseline testing
  • Cathode interconnect materials and inks
  • Anode interconnect materials and inks
  • Seals appropriate to each fixture
  • Platinum wire for fabricating leads
  • Installation instructions

fuelcellmaterials.com has an experienced support team that can help you with set-up and troubleshooting of your test kits. The fuel cell test kits are now available for purchase at our website, www.fuelcellmaterials.com. Please contact us for more information.

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