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Welcome to the Fuel Cell Materials Subsite

The premier source for solid oxide fuel cell materials, components & test fixtures


Close-Out Products

fuelcellmaterials.com has created two new product areas on our website, Close-Out Components and Close-Out Materials. In these areas you will find discounted products. These products still meet the high level of quality that we hold ourselves to on our standard catalog items; they are either custom powders we still have in inventory or they are components that are slightly outside of our tight thickness tolerance. Currently we have materials like LSCF, GDC, or SDC and components like YSZ and GDC substrates.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

NexTech and Fuel Cell Materials are now ISO 9001:2008 certified.

New Planar Cell Fixtures

Now offering two new fixtures: 5 cm x 5 cm & 10 cm x 10 cm

Large Anode Supported Cells

Now offering 5 cm x 5 cm anode supported cells.


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Premium Powders

Industry leading characterization on Premium Powders.

NTM Sensors

Hydrogen sensors and alarm systems.

fuelcellmaterials.com is the premier resource for solid oxide fuel cell materials, components, test fixtures and fabrication aides. fuelcellmaterials.com has focused its efforts on delivering high quality products with a high level of customer service and support

fuelcellmaterials.com has the ability to assists clients from the early stages of research and development all the way to full scale production. Fuelcellmaterials.com has product lines that assist clients with all aspects of the SOFC. Our product lines include:

  • SOFC Powders - fuelcellmaterials.com offers standard and tailored anodes, cathodes, and electrolyte powders, many of which are available in quantities ranging from 150 gram sample to industrial volumes of tons per years. All powders are manufactured at a high level of quality that ensures reproducible batches and come with complete documentation for characterization.
  • SOFC Inks/Pastes – fuelcellmaterials.com has recently enhanced its manufacturing process for large quantities of inks and contact pastes. This allows quantities from 50 grams to 10 kilograms to be delivered every week.
  • SOFC Components - Standard substrates, single sided cells, anode supported and electrolyte supported cells are available in sizes from button cells to larger planer cells. Substrates and single sided cells allow clients to focus on their electrode research without having to worry about creating a reproducible component.
  • SOFC Testing – Button cell and large planer test fixtures are supported by the experienced staff of NexTech Materials that has a multitude of years of testing solid oxide fuel cells. fuelcellmaterials.com also offers all of the needed accessories needed to test properly, including: interconnect mesh, seals, lead wires, contact pastes, and precious metal inks.

fuelcellmaterials.com is backed by its dedicated staff of material scientists and engineers who deliver high quality materials and assist in helping our clients meet all of their needs. This high level of expertise allows our staff to quickly and accurately tailor our powders and components to fit the needs and processes of our clients. These changes can be as simple as a physical property change or as complex as working with our parent company, NexTech to develop an electrode powder to fit you’re your specific process.

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