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PEM, SOFC, HTPEM, MCFC, AFC, PAFC Fuel Cell Testing This page aggregates informtion and products on fuel cell testing for fuel cell developers, universities and institutes. Here you will find fuel cell test stand / stations, software, accessories, electronic loads, components and development centres for PEM, HTPEM SOFC, DMFC, PAFC and MCFC stacks, systems, cells and materials.

Fuel Cell Testing Hardware and Software

If you are a fuel cell developer, university or institution looking for fuel cell test stations, stands or equiqment you can use this section to find fuel cell testing products.

Browse by fuel cell type:

Fuel Cell Testing Equipment is available for different fuel cell types

Browse by power demand:

Fuel Cell Test Stands are available to meet different power demands:

Browse by equipment type:

Fuel Cell Testing Equipment can be purchased as complete test stands and stations or as fuel cell testing modules and components

If you are developing fuel cell technology testing facilities, support and assistance with system inegration is also available.

Related equipment

Fuel Cell Stacks, Components and Materials are available for those looking to develop or integrate systems as well as hydrogen production and storage equipment:

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