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Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Iron Oxide Premium Powder (LSCF-HP)

Technology: SOFC Electrolyte Powder
Surface Area: 12.0 +/- 2.0 m2/g
Particle Size: 0.30 +/- 0.20 µm.
Formulation: La0.60 Sr0.40 Co0.20
Fuel Cell Materials

Bar Sample Measuring Kits for Probostat (Prob-Bars)

Technology: SOFC Testing
Kit contains: Alumina Bar Sample Support fixture, Thermocouple - Type K or Type S
Fuel Cell Materials

SDC15-N Powder

Surface Area: 220 m2/g 
Nominal Composition: Sm0.15Ce0.85O2-d

Fuel Cell Materials

Furnace for 28 cm2 SOFC Test Fixtures (Furn-SMC)

Technology: SOFC Test Furnace
Upper temperature: 1000°C
Voltage: 208V standard; 110V optional
Power: 1550 W (~8A @ 208V)
Fuel Cell Materials


Power: Max 5kW
Fuels: Diesel, Petrol, Biofuels
Applications: Telecoms, Backup Power, APUs/Range Extenders, Marine

Bipolar Plates & Interconnects for Fuel Cells & Electrolysers

Technology: Hydroforming of flow channels
Applications: Metallic bipolar plates for PEM, SOFC (interconnects), DMFC, heat exchangers and electrolysers
Borit NV


Packaging: Cartridges, Bottles, Cans, Drums and Tankers
Applications: Portable, Stationary, Automotive and Biofuels
Hayman Ltd

HOGEN GC Series Hydrogen Generator

Delivery Pressure: 13.8 bar (200 psi)
Production Rates: 300 & 600 cc/min
Applications: Laborities, Fuel Cell Testing and Renewable Energy Storage Demos
Proton OnSite

Probostat Kits for Optical or Vacuum Measurements (Prob-Outer)

Applications: SOFC Material & Component Testing
Fuel Cell Materials

Anode Supported Button Cell (ASC-)

Technology: SOFC Button Cell
Specs: 20 mm and 27 mm diameter button cells, NiYSZ-8 Anode thickness - 220-260 microns, YSZ-8 Electrolyte thickness - 6-10 microns, LSM/LSM-GDC Cathode thickness - 30-50 microns
Fuel Cell Materials

NTM SenseH2™ - Reliable and Accurate Hydrogen Sensor

Technology: PEM and Hydrogen Infrastructure
Characteristics: Reliable, Quantitative, No False Positives, Insensitive to Humidity, High Selectivity, Rapid Response & Recovery
Fuel Cell Materials

Platinum Ink (Pt-I-10)

Platinum Content: Minimum 70% by weight
Technology: SOFC Inks
Fuel Cell Materials

YSZ-8 Substrates

Available sizes: 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 50 mm, 5.08 x 5.08 cm2 squares with rounded corners
Fuel Cell Materials

Samarium Doped Ceria (15% Sm) Nanopowder (SDC15-N)

Technology: SOFC Anode/Cathode Materials
Formulation: Sm0.15 Ce0.85 O2-
Surface area: >100 m2/g
Primary crystallite size: 5-10 nanometers
Secondary particle size: softly agglomerated
Fuel Cell Materials

Triangular Inserts for HEP® Heat Exchanger (Insert-TRI)

Technology: Heat Exchanger Components
Fuel Cell Materials

HPac - A flexible mid-size hydrogen generator

Delivery pressure: 15 bar
Production rates: 10 slpm
Applications: Energy Storage, Backup Power
ITM Power

YSZ-8 Substrate Buttons (YSZ-Sub)

Technology: SOFC Anode/Cathode Materials
Specs: 20, 25 and 35 mm
Fuel Cell Materials

Fronius Energy Cell portable

Applications: Forklift Trucks, APUs, Marine

WGS Catalyst (CAT-FCP Fe,Cu Cr Ce Pt)

Technology: Fuel Proceesing Catalyst
Specs: Reforming of Methanol at 400 - 600°C
Fuel Cell Materials

Silver Ink (Ag-I-10)

Formulation: Minimum 70 % Silver by weight
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Manganite Cathode Powder (10% A-site def.)

Surface Area: 7.2 m 2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.36 µm
Nominal Composition: La0.90MnO3-d
Fuel Cell Materials

EscoVale's 5060 Report: Technologies, Applications and Markets

Applications: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Flow Redox Batteries
EscoVale Consultancy Services


Technology: PSA
Output Pressure: 0 to 6 barg / 0 to 87 psig
Flow Rate: 500 cc / min
Applications: GC (Carrier Gas, Make-up, ECD), Circular dichroism and Thermo Analysis
Proton OnSite

Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Ferrite (LSCF) Paste (LSCF-I)

Technology: SOFC Paste
Formulation: (La0.60 Sr0.40)0.995 (Co0.20
Fuel Cell Materials

Tianwei Solar PV Panel TW200(26)P

Tianwei PV solar panels have superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions. This solar module is made of polycrystalline silicon solar cells with module efficiency of up to 12.16%.

Dimensions (mm): 1495x995x45
Nominal Output (Wp): 200
SEC Solar Energy Centre

SFC- Strontium Iron Cobalt Oxide Powder

Nominal Composition: SrFeCo0.5Ox
Surface Area: 3.0 m 2/g 
Particle Size (d50): 0.96 µm
Fuel Cell Materials

Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia 8 mole% Nanopowder (YSZ8-N)

Technology: SOFC Cathode/Anode Powder
Formulation: (Y2O3)0.08 (ZrO2)0.92
Surface area: >100 m2/g
Primary crystallite size: 5-10 nanometers
Secondary particle size: softly agglomerated
Fuel Cell Materials

HOGEN® HP High Pressure Electrolyzers for Fuel Cell Backup Power

Delivery Pressure: 165 bar (2400 psi)
Production Rates: 0.26 & 1.05 Nm3/hr
Applications: Backup Power, Telecoms and UPS
Proton OnSite

LSF40 (9-12 m2/g)

Surface Area: 9.3 m 2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.25 µm
Nominal Composition: La0.6Sr0.4FeO3-d
Fuel Cell Materials

Cell Compression Unit

Technology: PEM Single Cells
Active Area: 5 to 50cm˛
Compression Force Range: 500 - 10,000N
Pragma Industries

Lanthanum Strontium Cobalt Iron Oxide (LSCF-P) Cathode Powder

Technology: SOFC Cathode Powder
Formulation: La0.60 Sr0.40 Co0.20 Fe0.80 O3-
Surface area: 4-8 m2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.3 to 0.6 µm
Fuel Cell Materials

Silicon Carbide Setter Plates (SP-2)

Technology: SOFC Setter Plates Dimensions: 15.6 cm x 15.6 cm x 0.64 cm and 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm x 0.64 cm
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Strontium Gallium Magnesium Oxide (LSGM-P) Powder

Technology: SOFC Electrolyte Powder
Formulation: La0.80 Sr0.20 Ga0.80 Mg0.20 O3-
Surface Area: 4-8 m2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.3 to 0.6 µm.
Fuel Cell Materials

ELECTRA MASTER Full Authority Digital Control Test Station

Technology: PEM Single Cells, Large Single Cells & Stacks
Power Range: 1 to 5kW
Measurements: Voltage, Current, Mass Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Humidity
Pragma Industries

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology, Project Management & Consultancy

Technology: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Technology & Waste to Energy
Characteristics: Independent, Turnkey and Unique Experience
Applications: CHP, Telecoms, Hydrogen Infrastructure and Power Stations
Logan Energy Limited

Nickel Oxide-SDC Anode Powder for Coating Applications (NiSDC-P)

Technology: SOFC Anode Powder
Composition: 60% NiO - 40% SDC20 by weight
Surface Area: 4-8 m2/g
Fuel Cell Materials


Fuels: Diesel, LPG, Methanol, Propane

Alumina Slurry for Enhancing Sealing of AFS (ALSL-)

Technology: SOFC Sealing
Fuel Cell Materials

Flexible Mica Paper for Sealing (MPS-)

Technology: SOFC Sealing
Options: 170mm x 170mm x .50mm, 170mm x 170mm x .25mm, 100mm x 100mm x .50mm, 100mm x 100mm x .25mm
Fuel Cell Materials

1.7kW Modular Fuel Cell Cabinet for Telecoms Backup Power and Radio Base Stations - hydrogen storage included

Power: 1.7kW Modules
Fuel: Hydrogen
Applications: Telecoms, Base Stations & Critical Networks
Dantherm Power

Manganese Cobalt Oxide Premium Spinel Powder (MCOA-HP)

Technology: SOFC Cathode Powder
Surface Area: 12.0 +/- 2.0 m2/g
Particle Size: 0.30 +/- 0.20 µm.
Formulation: Mn1.5 Co1.5 O4-
Fuel Cell Materials

5 cm x 5 cm Anode Supported Cells

5 cm x 5 cm anode support
4 cm x 4 cm cathode active area
NiYSZ Anode thickness ~220-260 microns
YSZ-8 Electrolyte thickness ~6-8 microns
LSCF/LSCF-GDC Cathode thickness ~40-60 microns

Fuel Cell Materials

Interconnection Kits for 28 cm2 Cell Tester (SMC-Kit-I)

Technology: SOFC Innterconnects (meshes)
Material: Silver or Platinum
Applications: SOFC Testing
Fuel Cell Materials

Hionic™ Support Buttons (HIONIC-)

Technology: SOFC Anode/Cathode Materials
Specs: 20, 25, 28 and 32 mm disks
Fuel Cell Materials

MF-UTH Series - Fuel Cell UPS and Backup Power

Power: 1 - 10kW
Fuel: Hydrogen
Applications: Telecoms, Backup Power, Data Centres, Base Stations and UPS
M-Field Energy LTD

5 cm X 5 cm Test Fixture Kit

Each kit comes with enough supplies to run 5 tests and we offer all materials separately if you ever need more. These kits can be purchased by themselves, with a furnace or with a test stand
Fuel Cell Materials

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Technology: PEM, HTEPM, SOFC, MCFC, PAFC, AFC, DMFC, Hydrogen Technology
Applications: Stationary, Portable, Micro and Transport
Fuel Cell Markets

Gadolinium Doped Ceria (10% Gd) Nanopowder (GDC10-N)

Technology: SOFC Electrolyte Powder
Surface Area: >100 m2/g
Primary crystallite size: 5-10 nanometers
Secondary particle size: softly agglomerated
Formulation: Gd0.10 Ce0.90 O2-
Fuel Cell Materials

Portable Fuel Cell Power Generators

Power: 1 & 5 kW, 12, 24 or 48 VDC
Fuel: Hydrogen
Applications: Battery Charging, APU, RV's, Backup Power & Generators
Tropical S.A.

5kW Fuel Cell Battery Extender for Telecoms Backup Power and UPS Applications

Power: 5kW Modules
Fuel: Hydrogen
Applications: Telecoms, Data Centres, Base Stations & Critical Networks
Dantherm Power

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