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Triangular Inserts for HEP® Heat Exchanger (Insert-TRI)

Technology: Heat Exchanger Components
Fuel Cell Materials


Power: 1 to 7 kW
Fuel: Hydrogen
Applications: Stationary and Transportation Power

AES 100-200 - Hydrogen Electrolyser stack

Production Rate: 100 or 200 Nl/h
Delivery Pressure: 15 - 30 bar
Purity: 99.4%
Water Consumption: 0.1 or 0.2 l/h
Acta S.p.A

Plain Flat Crest Inserts for HEP® Heat Exchanger (Insert-PFC)

Technology: Heat Exchanger Components
Fuel Cell Materials

HFlame - A versatile oxy-hydrogen flame torch

Delivery pressure: 2 bar
Production rates: 10slpm
Applications: Heating, Brazing/Soldering, Cutting, Polishing of Metal, Plastic, Glass and Quartz
ITM Power

Nickel Oxide-ScCeSZ Anode Powder for Coating Applications (NiScCeSZ)

Technology: SOFC Anode Powder
Composition: 66% NiO - 34% Sc10Ce1SZ by weight
Surface Area: 5-9 m2/g
Fuel Cell Materials

PEM Fuel Cell, SOFC and Electrolyser Testing

Power Ranges:
SOFC Single Cell - 100kW
Technologies: LTPEM, SOFC &HTPEM
Features: Optional fully integrated diagnostic tools, Fully automated and software controlled, with user-friendly, 24/7 intelligent automation capability, CE Rating
Greenlight Innovation

SHARP Solar PV Panel: NU Series (60 cells) Monocrystalline PV modules

Sharp solar panel sets the benchmark standards in the industry. This Sharp solar modules are made of monocrystalline silicon solar cells with module efficiency of up to 13,4%.

Dimensions (mm): 1652x994x46
Nominal Output (Wp): 235
SEC Solar Energy Centre


Technology: PEM Single Cells
Active Area: 25 cm˛
Power: 6 W
Applications: PEM Cell Characterisitics and Education
Pragma Industries

Bar Sample Measuring Kits for Probostat (Prob-Bars)

Technology: SOFC Testing
Kit contains: Alumina Bar Sample Support fixture, Thermocouple - Type K or Type S
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Manganite Cathode Powder (5% A-site def.)

Current Stock: 1.3 Kg
Fuel Cell Materials

Gadolinum Doped Ceria (20% Gd) 30 - 40 m2/g (GDC20-M)

Technology: SOFC Electrolyte Powder
Formulation: Gd0.10 Ce0.90 O2-
Surface area: 30-40 m2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.3-0.5 µm
Fuel Cell Materials

Hionic™ Support Buttons (HIONIC-)

Technology: SOFC Anode/Cathode Materials
Specs: 20, 25, 28 and 32 mm disks
Fuel Cell Materials

Probostat Kits for Optical or Vacuum Measurements (Prob-Outer)

Applications: SOFC Material & Component Testing
Fuel Cell Materials

EscoVale's 5060 Report: Technologies, Applications and Markets

Applications: Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Flow Redox Batteries
EscoVale Consultancy Services

SDC20 Densified Pellets (SDC20-Pel-1000)

Technology: SOFC Anode/Cathode Materials
Specs: 2mm diameter, 3-4mm long
Fuel Cell Materials

10 cm x 10 cm Test Fixture Kit

Each kit comes with enough supplies to run 5 tests and we offer all materials separately if you ever need more. These kits can be purchased by themselves, with a furnace or with a test stand
Fuel Cell Materials

Gadolinium Doped Ceria (10% Gd) Premium Powder (GDC10-HP)

Technology: SOFC Electrolyte Powder
Surface Area: 12.0 +/- 2.0 m2/g
Particle Size: 0.30 +/- 0.20 µm.
Formulation: Gd0.10 Ce0.90 O2-
Fuel Cell Materials

HYGEN 200/400/600 - Laboratory Hydrogen Gas Generator

Technology: PEM eelectrolyser
Output Pressure: 2 to 8 bar (30 to 115 psig)
Flow Rate: 200 cc / min 400 cc / min 600 cc / min
Applications: Gas chromatography, detector feed
Proton OnSite

ProGasMix - Versatile Gas Mixer

  • Includes humidification and drying stages and dual mixture output.
  • Up to 7 input gases (Swagelok quick-connects, 2-12 bar)
  • Selection of 3 input gases for mixing
  • 2 individual mixtures routable to 4 outlets
  • Mixer and outlets at near-atmospheric pressure
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Strontium Ferrite Premium Powder (LSF-HP)

Technology: SOFC Cathode Powder
Surface Area: 12.0 +/- 2.0 m2/g
Particle Size: 0.30 +/- 0.20 µm.
Formulation: La0.60 Sr0.40 Fe O3-d
Fuel Cell Materials

SDC20 (>40m2/g)

Powder suitable for tape casting, ink manufacture, pellet pressing and other non-aqueous manufacturing processes
Fuel Cell Materials

Samarium Doped Ceria (20% Sm) 5 - 8 m2/g (SDC20-TC)

Technology: SOFC Anode/Cathode Powder
Formulation: Gd0.10 Ce0.90 O2-
Surface area: 5-8 m2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.3 to 0.5 µm
Fuel Cell Materials

Nickel Oxide-SDC Anode Powder for Coating Applications (NiSDC-P)

Technology: SOFC Anode Powder
Composition: 60% NiO - 40% SDC20 by weight
Surface Area: 4-8 m2/g
Fuel Cell Materials

WGS Catalyst (CAT-FCP Fe,Cu Cr Ce Pt)

Technology: Fuel Proceesing Catalyst
Specs: Reforming of Methanol at 400 - 600°C
Fuel Cell Materials

Single Electrode Cell - Anode Side Only (SECA-)

Technology: SOFC Electrode Cell
Specs: 20, 25, 28 and 32 mm
Fuel Cell Materials

Samarium Doped Ceria (20% Sm) Premium Powder (SDC20-HP)

Technology: SOFC Electrolyte Powder
Surface Area: 12.0 +/- 2.0 m2/g
Particle Size: 0.30 +/- 0.20 µm.
Formulation: Sm0.20 Ce0.80 O2-
Fuel Cell Materials

FCMix - Gas Mixer

  • Gases: Default Air, Ar, and H2. Others by order or flow conversion factors.
  • Flow control and readout: "red-y" units with manual needle valve, thermal mass flow measurement, and internal battery.
  • Measurement range: Default 1-50 ml/min. Others on order.
Fuel Cell Materials

NextCell™ Electrolyte Supported Cell, 10 cm square (NEXTCELL-10s)

Technology: SOFC Single Cell
Specs: 10 cm x 10 cm square cells with 9 cm x 9 cm active electrode areas, Zirconia-based Hionic electrolyte is 120 microns thick, LSM/LSM-GDC cathode system is 50 microns thick, Ni-YSZ/Ni-GDC anode system is 50 microns thick
Fuel Cell Materials

HOGEN® C Series Hydrogen Generation Systems

Delivery Pressure: 30 bar (435 psi)
Production Rates: 10, 20 & 30 Nm3/hr
Applications: Hydrogen Fueling Stations. Forklifts to Buses
Proton OnSite

SIGRACET® GDL - Optimized Gas Diffusion Layers for All Fuel Cells

Technology: PEMFC and DMFC
Applications: Portable, Automotive and Stationary
Characteristics: Improves stack efficiency and durability, Compatible with 5 layer MEA's
SGL Technologies GmbH

HOGEN® HP High Pressure Electrolyzers for Fuel Cell Backup Power

Delivery Pressure: 165 bar (2400 psi)
Production Rates: 0.26 & 1.05 Nm3/hr
Applications: Backup Power, Telecoms and UPS
Proton OnSite

Heat Exchanger & Catalytic Reactor Platform - HEP® (HEP)

Technology: Heat Exchaging
Heat Transfer: 2.5kW per module
Max Temperature: 900°C
Fuel Cell Materials

5kW Fuel Cell Battery Extender for Telecoms Backup Power and UPS Applications

Power: 5kW Modules
Fuel: Hydrogen
Applications: Telecoms, Data Centres, Base Stations & Critical Networks
Dantherm Power

SOFC Button Cell Test System

  • Automatic hardware shutdown and purge gas for safe, reliable operation
  • Zero volt capability of button cell testing
  • Testing software for user-friendly computer-controlled cell operation and experimentation
Fuel Cell Materials

Lanthanum Strontium Manganite (LSM) Paste (LSM20-I)

Technology: SOFC Anode Materials
Formulation: (La0.80 Sr0.20) Mn 03-x
Solids content 62-72% by weight
Fuel Cell Materials

HOGEN H Series Hydrogen Generation System

Delivery Pressure: 218 & 435 bar (15 & 30 psi)
Production Rates: 2, 4 & 6 Nm3/hr
Applications: Gas, Turbine Cooling, Materials Processing and Semiconductor Electronics
Proton OnSite

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Services - Contract Manufacturing, R&D and Engineering

Technology: SOFC
Facilities: Formulation, Protoyping, Tape Casting, Substrate Dispensing, Coatings, Air Firing and Custom Components
ENrG Incorporated

StableFlow™ Hydrogen Control Systems

Technology: Electrolysers, Hydrogen
Control System: Dew Point, Purity and Pressure
Proton OnSite

Fronius Energy Cell portable

Applications: Forklift Trucks, APUs, Marine


Technology: PSA
Output Pressure: 0 - 6 barg (0 to 87 psig)
Flow Rate: 3000 cc/min
Applications: TOC/GC
Proton OnSite

Silver Ink (Ag-I-10)

Formulation: Minimum 70 % Silver by weight
Fuel Cell Materials

Nickel Oxide Powder Standard Grade (NiO-S)

Technology: SOFC Anode Powder
Surface Area: Not more than 1 m2/g
Partial Size: d50 12-22 microns
Fuel Cell Materials

High Temperature SOFC Sealing Paste (CAP-552)

Applications: Recommended for gas-tight,hard-bonding SOFC cells to metals and ceramics and can be used in both button cell testing and stack development. It has the best rating for bonding to Ni-Fe metal alloys
Fuel Cell Materials

Fuel Cell Micro CHP Power Plants

Power: 5kWe
Fuels: Natural Gas
Applications: Domestic CHP
Dantherm Power


Fuels: Methanol and Ethanol
Packaging:: Cartridges, Bottles, Cans, Drums and Tankers
Hayman Ltd

NextCell™ Electrolyte Supported Button Cell (NEXTCELL-B)

Technology: SOFC Button Cell
Sizes: 20, 25, 28 & 32 mm
Fuel Cell Materials


Technology: Oil Free Piston Compressor
Output Pressure: 0 to 8 barg (0 to 115 psig)
Flow Rate: 20 SLPM
Applications: Laboratory Air Compressor
Proton OnSite

Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia 8 mole% 6 - 9 m2/g (YSZ8-TC)

Technology:SOFC Electrolyte Materials
Formulation: (Y2O3)0.08 (ZrO2)0.92
Surface area: 6-9 m2/g
Particle Size (d50): 0.5 to 0.7 µm
Fuel Cell Materials

Alumina Felt for Sealing (AFS-)

Technology: SOFC Sealing
Compressibility at 0.06 MPa (8 psi): ~20%
Density @0.06 MPa: 0.19 g/cc
Contain an organic binder ~5%
Maximum use temperature 1650°C
Fuel Cell Materials

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