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Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells have a liquid phosphoric acid electrolyte, are suited for medium to large-scale stationary combined heat & power, and require hydrogen as a fuel. This hydrogen is usually generated by reforming light hydrocarbon fuels such as natural gas.

How it Works Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell - Source:

Phosphoric acid fuel cells are the most mature fuel cell technology, with over 200 units installed and currently operating in banks, hotels, hospitals and police stations. Whilst still requiring hydrogen, PAFC technology has the additional benefit in that is it more tolerant to impurities, in particular reformed hydrocarbon fuels. PAFC technology operates at between 150șC and 220șC with an electrical efficiency of between 37% & 42% - this rises to 85% with co-generation (CHP/CCP)

Chemical Equations:

Anode Reaction: 2 H2 »» 4 H+ + 4 e-
Cathode Reaction: O2(g) + 4 H+ + 4 e- »» 2 H2O

Overall Cell Reaction: 2 H2 + O2 »» 2 H2O

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