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QinetiQ delivers brilliant solutions to some of the most important problems faced by business, government and society today, and tomorrow.

QinetiQ is the world's first top flight national defence laboratory to transition to the private sector, and is therefore able to bring to legitimate defence customers an unparalleled resource of intellectual property to create, test and prove responses to pressing needs.

In solving defence and security problems we operate at the leading edge of both the development and application of science and technology. This enables us to give commercial customers access to solutions that are often beyond the state-of-the-art available in civil markets.

QinetiQ is a leader in the development of fuel cell technology, specifically offering a wealth of experience in the design and application of PEMFC fuel cells, while also working on solid oxide, liquid feed fuel cells and hydrogen storage technologies. Fuel cells offer clean and efficient power for applications ranging from portable electronics, automotive power, to large-scale electricity production.

Offering a 100-watt, instant power-up capability, QinetiQ's hybrid battery fuel cell has attracted interest from both the military and commercial enterprises. QinetiQ is in discussion with major manufacturers and operators attracted to the unique instant power-up capability of the hybrid fuel cell battery technology, while the British Army is interested in powering the various electronic devices that are part of the modern soldier's basic equipment. Recently, QinetiQ's hybrid battery fuel cell has been successfully used to run a complex soldier communications system in a major demonstration.

Dr Kevin Green of QinetiQ's power sources group says that in addition to military applications, the hybrid battery and fuel cell delivers something that technology lovers everywhere have wanted for a long time: a reliable power source on which to run our favourite gadgetry - anywhere and at anytime.


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  Ively Road
  GU14 0LX
  United Kingdom

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