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OverviewOverviewThe EMTU/SP, in set with the Ministry of Mines and Energy: MME, and support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), concluded in April of 2000 Phase I of the project Energy-Ambient Strategy: Bus with Fuel Cell Combustible Hydrogen. This phase consisted of the feasibility study on the use of bus with fuel cell combustible hydrogen and of the presentation of proposal to the Global Environment Facility - GEF for Phase II.

Phase II of the project was signed in 25 of October of 2001 and consists of the acquisition, operation and maintenance of eight busses with fuel cell combustible hydrogen, stationnary hydrogen production and supply for the buses and on to the accompaniment and verification of the performance of these vehicles.

The buses will be used in the Metropolitan Corridor Are Mateus/Jabaquara, during four years, covering a total of a million kilometres.


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