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We are The Low Carbon Economy Ltd, a company established to help accelerate the transition to a resource efficient low carbon economy.

Our core team have been together for the last 6 years at our sister company Fuel Cell Markets Ltd, where we specialise in assisting the commercialisation of a valuable component of a low carbon economy - fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

We created The Low Carbon Economy Ltd in October 2006 to capitalise on everything we have learned and created over the last 6 years at Fuel Cell Markets Ltd, and to apply our unique knowledge, resources and experience towards assisting the development of a low carbon economy as a whole.

Our drive together with more than 18-months of additional development have enabled us to create an exceptional company uniquely positioned to deliver a truly useful online resource which has the potential to help millions of people and businesses around the world.

The website frequently has visitors from some 180+ countries though the majority of our traffic is English speaking from the UK and Europe and North America. Increasingly we are seeing companies registering from Asia, South America, Africa and FSU countries.

It's too hard to quantify the financial benefits we deliver to each and every organisation who joins this platform. Every organisation experiences some benefits - some huge and clear, others less tangible, but it's impossible for us to know in advance exactly what these will be. As a result we're keeping this simple by making a gift to you and everyone who uses it. If it works really well, we'd of course love a gift back (everyone loves gifts, whether they be donations, products, a kind letter or anything nice we haven't thought of... ) if you don't think we deserve a gift in return, that's ok also

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