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Manorlane Energy Limited is part of the Manorlane group of companies who have significant presence in the development industry in central Scotland. Manorlane’s business activities include provision of retirement & family homes through the active living, homes & property businesses, and the generation and supply of renewable heat & power to commercial and domestic customers through its’ energy business.

Manorlane Energy promotes energy saving by using biogas and hydrogen fuel cell technology to generate renewable energy in the form of heat and power which we sell onto commercial and residential customers as well as key energy distributors.

Energy conservation & improved efficiency are critical elements to our core values and in our sustainable development strategy. We recognise the huge range of benefits, environmental, social & economic, that renewable energy can bring & are committed to playing a part to encourage all energy consumers to be more energy efficient.

Manorlane Energy’s core activities involve:

  1. Partnering on a project by project basis with European companies including Aufwind Schmack (& CFC solutions) who are technologically advanced in producing renewable energy.
  2. The securing of feedstock contracts for biogas plants.
  3. The creation of biogas plants, from project development, planning and obtaining of licences, construction, commissioning and providing technical and biological backup.
  4. The sale of renewable power, Rocs and Lecs to large energy users by producing power which links into the national grid.
  5. The sale of renewable heat via a district heating systems or direct linkage to networks to serve domestic or commercial customers.
  6. To invest in research & development into alternative forms of renewable technology.


  Strathallan House
  Castle Business Park
  FK9 4TZ

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