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CellTech Power is a pre-IPO, venture-backed start-up company developing new energy generation technologies. CellTech has invented a unique variation of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), which can be built at lower cost and is able to utilize a far broader selection of fuels, than any other existing fuel cell system.

CellTech was founded in 1998. After extensive effort by the founder and the company’s first employee, several important innovations to SOFC technology were developed. These innovations have tremendous commercial potential, and early in 2000 they raised a seed round of venture capital.

CellTech has since established a new 14,500 square foot development facility outside of Boston (shown below), and completed a Series A Preferred venture financing round that carry the company for one to two years of development. CellTech plans to develop a 5 kW alpha prototype within one year. The company now has nine people including fuel cell scientists, mechanical engineers, and technicians. Head count is expected to grow further as the company continues to hire talented engineers and scientists to commercialize their developments.


  131 Flanders Road
  Westborough, MA

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