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OverviewOverviewCatator AB was founded in 1990 by a group of doctoral students at the University of Lund and became quickly a high-tech company in the field of catalysis and customized catalytic process design.

We act as a catalyst system supplier in certain niche areas, where peak performance and system integration are essential. We work closely with customers in the environmental chemistry, petroleum processing, process chemistry, pharmaceutical and synthetic chemistry industries to achieve optimal technical systems based on our catalyst solutions. We also have close ties to academic research institutes.

Catator's Fuel processor Technology:

The primary objectives in the design of the Single-Train Ultra Reformer (STUR) system were the development of a compact reactor for fuel processing and CO removal to produce hydrogen of fuel cell quality, and a design capable of substantial scale-up. The STUR-unit is able to run on a variety of feedstocks, i.e. biogas, natural gas, LPG, alcohols and heavier hydrocarbons.


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OverviewNameMr. Tihamer Hargitai
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