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The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) is a membership organisation founded by a group of ten industry, university, research, and small business members in 1989. Today the NHA is the premier hydrogen trade organisation led by over 110 companies dedicated to supporting the transition to hydrogen.

Members include all kinds of organisations from global corporations to emerging businesses and include representatives from the automobile, energy, fuel cell, hydrogen production and supplier industries; aerospace; federal, state, and local government; non-profits; universities and research institutions and many others.

The activities of the National Hydrogen Association are focused on education and outreach, policy, safety and codes and standards. For 20 years, the NHA has served as a catalyst for information exchange and cooperative projects and continues to provide the setting for mutual support among industry, research and government organisations.


  National Hydrogen Association (NHA) HQ
  1211 Connecticut Avenue NW
  Suite 600
  DC 20036


  National Hydrogen Association - UK
  Gateshead International Business Centre
  Mulgrave Terrace
  Tyne & Wear
  NE8 1AN
  United Kingdom

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