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Cost Competitive Hydrogen Electrolyser Stacks for Electrolyser Developers and Fuel Cell System Integrators

Acta Energy’s electrolyser stacks produce dry, pure and compressed hydrogen at 30 bar. Innovative technology, using an anionic solid polymeric membrane, patented by ACTA, allows the combination of quality hydrogen production with costs competitive to those of liquid electrolyte electrolysers
Acta S.p.A

Renewable Onsite Hydrogen Production for Integrated Backup Power and UPS Applications

ITM Power’s HPac and HBox electrolysers offer a new solution for hydrogen generation. These PEM electrolysers are rated at a pressure of 15 bar and deliver maximum hydrogen flow rates of 3 and 10 litres per minute
ITM Power

Low Cost Hydrogen Generation for Fuel Cell System Applications.

The revolutionary new Hydrogen Generator Technology based on electrolytic process developed and patented by Acta, allows to obtain, low cost hydrogen on demand from water, directly compressed, dry and pure
Acta S.p.A

100 Watt to 20kW Fuel Cell Power Systems for Portable, Transport and Stationary Applications

Tropical S.A. has been manufacturing Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 100Watt to 20kW for 15 years. Throughout the years, several projects have been concluded while others are still in progress but all of them are focussed on the commercialization of Fuel Cell Products into the market
Tropical S.A.

Seeking Fuel Cell System Integrators to Develop Next Generation Stationary Power Solutions

For stationary power applications specifically we are looking for system integrators who are interested in incorporating our range of 1 – 30 kW fuel cell stacks in their system designs

Seeking Fuel Cell Developers to Jointly Develop an Integrated Electrolyzer & Fuel Cell Backup Power System

Fuel cell backup power systems integrated with electrolyzers for on site generation of hydrogen can provide reliable, grid independent and non fossil fuel dependant backup power in applications such as telecoms base stations
Proton OnSite

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