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Expand Education and MediaEducation and Media now offers standard size solid oxide fuel cell test fixtures in 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm

The new testing kits present researchers and developers with a simplistic method of screening electrochemical performance of SOFC materials and cells
Fuel Cell Materials

LS600 Fuel Cell Test Stand from Pragma Industries

The LS600 is the best solution for PEM fuel cell stack testing up to 600W. The table-top chassis integrates all the functionalities required to achieve efficient and accurate results: gas management, load management, stack configuration, data acquisition
Pragma Industries

High Accuracy Data Acquisition System for Fuel Cell Testing

Greenlight Innovation’s latest addition to our product line is our 2nd Generation Data Acquisition System. Offering high common-mode voltage, increased accuracy and extended configuration flexibility, enabling the collection of precise fuel cell and battery testing data
Greenlight Innovation

Fuel Cell Stack from Pragma Industries, designed for testing

Pragma Industries has developed a stack built for advanced research in system design and for MEA developers who wish to evaluate their products in scalable stacks. Universities might be very interested to explore the stack and test it under different conditions
Pragma Industries

Onsite Hydrogen Production

Modular electrolyser producing hydrogen gas, for storing energy, for use as a clean fuel or process gas. Makes clean hydrogen from water … an end to bottled gas deliveries and a start to producing hydrogen where and when you need it
ITM Power

Thin E-Strate™ - Strong and Flexible Substrate for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Non-FC Applications, Button Cells Now Available for Evaluation!

ENrG Inc. is targeting Fuel Cell developers and non-FC applications with button cell size evaluation kits of 40 microns thick Thin E-Strate™. The Starter Packs are offered in the following sizes and quantities: 20-pack of 25mm diameter substrates, 10 pack of 20mm x 50mm, 10-pack of
ENrG Incorporated

Seeking Fuel Cell System Integrators to Develop Next Generation Stationary Power Solutions

For stationary power applications specifically we are looking for system integrators who are interested in incorporating our range of 1 – 30 kW fuel cell stacks in their system designs

Protective Coatings for SOFC Interconnects

NexTech Materials offers coating technology to enhance the lifetime of stainless steel interconnects in SOFC stacks. Coordinating with your technical team, NexTech can provide high-value coating suspensions for your specific component design and process technology
NexTech Materials, Ltd

HEXIM - Improved Thermal Management of SOFC, MCFC, PEM and HTPEM Fuel Cell and Reformer Systems

HEXIM™ is an economical insulation housing providing convective (or conductive) system thermal management with integrated air manifolds. HEXIM™ increases overall system efficiency by routing recuperated heat via integrated ducting
ENrG Incorporated

ClearPak Premium Experiment Training Set for Colleges, Universites and Educational Applications

We are now proposing the Premium version of our Fuel Cell Training Set. It includes several additional tools such as H2 pressure reducer, FC temperature sensor and display, air breathing compression plate, calibrated torque screwdriver, additional H2 storage and spare parts
Pragma Industries

Onsite Hydrogen Production for Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle Projects

ITM Power can provide a turnkey, tailor made, modular/scalable and transportable hydrogen refuelling solution for your hydrogen fuelled (fuel cell or ICE) vehicle project
ITM Power

Seeking Electrolyte-Supported SOFC Partners Interested in our Durable Electrolyte Technology

ENrG Inc. specializes in development and manufacturing of critical ceramic components for diverse energy applications. ThinESC™ fuel cells for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology enables the fabrication of thin and flexible electrolyte-supported sheets providing extreme durability in
ENrG Incorporated

Seeking Partners to Demonstrate and Commercialise a Home Hydrogen Refuelling System with Onsite Hydrogen Production

Proton Energy Systems® is a global leader in hydrogen technology that delivers bold, innovative energy solutions. It’s patented cost-effective, proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis technology provides the hydrogen production solutions to meet the unique
Proton OnSite

Reliable and Temperature Tolerant Power for Middles Eastern UPS and Backup Power Markets

Traditional forms of backup / standby power are not particularly well suited to many hot countries. Battery performance and durability are often seriously affected by the local climate
Dantherm Power

Reliable Fuel Cell UPS for Offices and Small Data Centres

M-Field Energy Ltd has developed a modular 10kW hydrogen fuel cell system design to meet the UPS demands of data centres and offices
M-Field Energy LTD

Range Extension for Electric Vehicles

EnerFuel’s High Temperature PEM fuel cell provides the benefit of high power density, the ability to use traditional and readily available fuels (diesel, gasoline, methanol, and others), and lower costs through a reduction of Balance of Plan

Ceramic Components, Manufacturing and Development Services for Asian SOFC Developers

ENrG Inc. develops and manufactures ceramic components for a variety of applications; solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation membranes, insulation packages for thermal management in energy systems, setters, cells and oxygen transport membranes
ENrG Incorporated

Seeking South American Representatives for our SOFC, PEM and DMFC Products

Fuel Cell Materials was established in 2000, as a wholly owned division of NexTech Materials, Ltd. to commercialize innovative ceramic materials technology and products developed by NexTech
Fuel Cell Materials

Renewable Hydrogen Projects

The widespread global deployment of renewables presents an interesting opportunity for hydrogen infrastructure projects. One of the principal challenges with renewables is matching supply and demand
Proton OnSite

Improve Thermal Management of HTPEM Stacks

HEXIM™, a unique compact integrated packaging material / solution, enables system management of three functions with one component: heat exchanger, insulation and manifolding
ENrG Incorporated

NexTech Materials Commercial Services is seeking clients requiring Low Temperature (T < 700°C) Cathode material

These patented materials can be tailored to meet the demanding requirements and resistance to degradation necessary for demanding SOFC applications
NexTech Materials, Ltd

PEM Fuel Cell Testing and Educational Equipment Packages for Universities and Research Institutes

Pragma Industries is an innovative supplier of fuel cell test equipment. From single cell testing to stack integration, Pragma Industries will find the response to your technical requirements
Pragma Industries

Hydrogen Electrolysis Equipment for Research and Development Laboratories

For laboratory and scientific needs, hydrogen is used as an ultra high purity fuel and reducing agent. HOGEN® hydrogen generation systems are well-suited to provide ultra high purity hydrogen as a carrier gas with consistent composition and predictable low levels of oxygen and nitrogen
Proton OnSite

10kW Fuel Cell UPS for North American Telecoms Operators

Fuel Cells offer a number of advantages over existing technologies for UPS / Backup Power Applications. M-Field Energy Ltd has developed a 10kW hydrogen fuel cell system design to meet the demands of North American telecom operators
M-Field Energy LTD

Seeking Asian Distributors and Sales Agents for our PEM Testing Equipment

Pragma Industries is looking for distributors and sales agents in China, Korea and India
Pragma Industries

10kW Fuel Cell UPS for European Telecoms Operators

Fuel Cells offer a number of advantages over existing technologies for UPS / Backup Power Applications. We have developed a 10kW hydrogen fuel cell system design to meet the demands of European telecom operators.
M-Field Energy LTD

Advanced Catalytic Heat Exchanger Platform for Fuel Cell Developers

Founded in 2001, Catacel is a Northeast Ohio-based company that designs and manufactures catalytic heat-exchanging materials that enable breakthroughs in production and energy efficiency. Catacel
Fuel Cell Materials

Premium SOFC Powders for Researchers, Developers, and Manufacturers

The Premium Powders is the newest addition to the materials product line at The product of development experience at NexTech Mate
Fuel Cell Materials

Looking to Offer Prototyping Services for European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Developers

ENrG Inc.'s industry and technology experienced team assists in meeting challenging product goals. ENrG Inc. specializes in the development and manufacture of ceramic membrane and coating technologies for energy applications such as solid oxide fuel cells and gas separation
ENrG Incorporated

NexTech Materials Commercial Services is seeking clients for volume manufacturing and supply of custom SOFC components or constituent materials

NexTech Materials is pleased to announce the expansion of our production volume for SOFC materials and components. As an industry leader for fifteen years, NexTech develops and provides industry-
NexTech Materials, Ltd

Partnership Opportunities

As a developer and manufacturer of materials and components, NexTech partners with other materials and device manufacturers, system integrators, original equipment manufacturers and end-users in the utility, military, electronics, and industrial markets. Currently
NexTech Materials, Ltd

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