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High Power Density Fuel Cell Stack for System Integrators and Developers

PowerCell’s fuel cell stack design allows the use of hydrogen or reformate gas for a wide range of applications including stationary and automotive markets. We are interested to talk with fuel cell system integrators and developers who would like to explore our technology

Auxiliary Power Unit/Range Extender Available for Transportation Applications

Battery technology for electric vehicles has finite energy storage capacity. This limits the practical energy carried by the vehicle and the vehicle driving range. Since the energy carried by a fuel cell system is primarily dependent on the amount of fuel that is carried, rather than

100 Watt to 20kW Fuel Cell Power Systems for Portable, Transport and Stationary Applications

Tropical S.A. has been manufacturing Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 100Watt to 20kW for 15 years. Throughout the years, several projects have been concluded while others are still in progress but all of them are focussed on the commercialization of Fuel Cell Products into the market
Tropical S.A.

Containerised Hydrogen Production Module

We have developed a containerised version of our new FuelGen® 65 designed to provide a flexible and transportable onsite hydrogen production and fuelling system
Proton OnSite

Onsite Hydrogen Production for Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle Projects

ITM Power can provide a turnkey, tailor made, modular/scalable and transportable hydrogen refuelling solution for your hydrogen fuelled (fuel cell or ICE) vehicle project
ITM Power

Range Extension for Electric Vehicles

EnerFuel’s High Temperature PEM fuel cell provides the benefit of high power density, the ability to use traditional and readily available fuels (diesel, gasoline, methanol, and others), and lower costs through a reduction of Balance of Plan

Renewable Hydrogen Projects

The widespread global deployment of renewables presents an interesting opportunity for hydrogen infrastructure projects. One of the principal challenges with renewables is matching supply and demand
Proton OnSite

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