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WAVE 2014

14 Jan 2014 - WAVE 2014
Green Motorsport

World Advanced Vehicle Expedition

01 Mar 2013 - World Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2013
Green Motorsport

Fuel Cell Powered Minibar for Train Operators

CEKA is interested to speak with train operating companies and providers of onboard beverage equipment to explore additional projects around Europe. We are also interested to talk tom event organisers and catering companies in general

Low Cost Volume Metal Fuel Cell Plate Manufacturing

Metal bipolar plates are one of the major components of a fuel cell. Its effectiveness and cost efficiency are closely related to the quality of the bi-polar plates
Borit NV

Seeking Partners to Commercialise HTPEM Fuel Cell CHP and Backup Power Systems

EnerFuel is searching for strategic partners as it develops stationary power systems using its proprietary high temperature PEM (HT-PEM) fuel cell technology

6kW Fuel Cell UPS for South American Telecom Operators

UPS /Back up power applications, powered by a 6kW hydrogen Fuel cell system are available to the South American Telecom operators. M-Field Energy has designed a system, ready to meet the requirements of the telecom operators in the area
M-Field Energy LTD

Cost Competitive Hydrogen Electrolyser Stacks for Electrolyser Developers and Fuel Cell System Integrators

Acta Energy’s electrolyser stacks produce dry, pure and compressed hydrogen at 30 bar. Innovative technology, using an anionic solid polymeric membrane, patented by ACTA, allows the combination of quality hydrogen production with costs competitive to those of liquid electrolyte electrolysers
Acta S.p.A

ElectroPhen® Bi-Polar plates available for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells DMFC

Bac2 has developed ElectroPhen®, a family of conductive composites, based on its patented electrically conductive binder that has been optimised for bipolar plates used in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. The key benefits of ElectroPhen® are its low cost and ease of moulding, making
Bac2 Conductive Composites now offers standard size solid oxide fuel cell test fixtures in 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm

The new testing kits present researchers and developers with a simplistic method of screening electrochemical performance of SOFC materials and cells
Fuel Cell Materials

Translucent Electrolyte Simplifies Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Alignment

22 Jul 2011 - Durable in harsh environments and lightweight, ENrG Inc.’s self-supporting yet flexible ceramic is so thin you can see through it
ENrG Incorporated

Looking to form Partnerships with Methanol Fuel Cell Cartridge Developers

We are looking to form partnerships with methanol fuel cell cartridge developers to provide a complete cartridge and fuelling infrastructure solution to the fuel cell industry. We have a global distribution network that will enable cartridge developers to offer their customer the security of suppy
Hayman Ltd

Hydrogen Generation Via PEM Water Electrolysis Is An Attractive Option For Renewable Energy Storage

The current global consumption levels of fossil fuels are unsustainable in the long term, both from a supply standpoint as well as the impact on the environment. The amount of carbon-free energy required to replace fossil fuels
Proton OnSite

PEM Fuel Cell Stack Designed to Operate on Reformate Gas for Transport and Stationary Applications

Powercell’s LTPEM (low temperature proton exchange membrane) stack has been designed to work with reformate gas (>45% H2, <50 ppm CO with Airbleed support), making it ideal for transport and

Onsite Hydrogen Production for Ceramic Sintering and Metal Annealing Processes

ITM Power’s electrolysers offer a new solution for hydrogen generation, an alternative to buying bottled hydrogen. Generating your own hydrogen onsite enables you to
ITM Power

High Power Density Fuel Cell Stack for System Integrators and Developers

PowerCell’s fuel cell stack design allows the use of hydrogen or reformate gas for a wide range of applications including stationary and automotive markets. We are interested to talk with fuel cell system integrators and developers who would like to explore our technology

LS600 Fuel Cell Test Stand from Pragma Industries

The LS600 is the best solution for PEM fuel cell stack testing up to 600W. The table-top chassis integrates all the functionalities required to achieve efficient and accurate results: gas management, load management, stack configuration, data acquisition
Pragma Industries

Reliable and Sustainable Fuel Cell Back-up Power for European Telecom Operators

Fuel cell backup power and UPS is proven as a reliable technology for the telecoms sector. Fuel cells offer significant advantages over existing backup power technologies. Battery autonomy is limited and

Solar PV Electrolyser producing hydrogen for a refuelling station

HIDRO SELF POWER is a compact, easy to transport and assemble Hydrogen refuelling system, which generates hydrogen from clean solar energy, without any environmental impact in absolute autonomy
Acta S.p.A

High Accuracy Data Acquisition System for Fuel Cell Testing

Greenlight Innovation’s latest addition to our product line is our 2nd Generation Data Acquisition System. Offering high common-mode voltage, increased accuracy and extended configuration flexibility, enabling the collection of precise fuel cell and battery testing data
Greenlight Innovation

Renewable Onsite Hydrogen Production for Integrated Backup Power and UPS Applications

ITM Power’s HPac and HBox electrolysers offer a new solution for hydrogen generation. These PEM electrolysers are rated at a pressure of 15 bar and deliver maximum hydrogen flow rates of 3 and 10 litres per minute
ITM Power

“Fire & Ice” – Ultra-Thin Ceramic Still Flexible after Extreme Thermal Shock

The last The Marketplace Matters highlighted the durability of ENrG Inc.’s Thin E-Strate® under thermal stress from a blow torch. Handling Thin E-Strate® immediately after the intense heat demonstrates its low thermal mass
ENrG Incorporated

Low Cost Hydrogen Generation for Fuel Cell System Applications.

The revolutionary new Hydrogen Generator Technology based on electrolytic process developed and patented by Acta, allows to obtain, low cost hydrogen on demand from water, directly compressed, dry and pure
Acta S.p.A

Modular 1-3kW Fuel Cell UPS and Backup Power Module

M-Field has developed a 1-3kW hydrogen fuelled fuel cell power module, which is ideal to integrate into uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up power
M-Field Energy LTD

NTM SenseH2TM - Reliable and Accurate Hydrogen Sensor

NexTech Materials, Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its hydrogen sensor. Designed for hydrogen safety monitoring, this ceramic sensor exhibits a highly sensitive, selective, and rapid
Fuel Cell Materials

Fuel Cell Stack from Pragma Industries, designed for testing

Pragma Industries has developed a stack built for advanced research in system design and for MEA developers who wish to evaluate their products in scalable stacks. Universities might be very interested to explore the stack and test it under different conditions
Pragma Industries

Auxiliary Power Unit/Range Extender Available for Transportation Applications

Battery technology for electric vehicles has finite energy storage capacity. This limits the practical energy carried by the vehicle and the vehicle driving range. Since the energy carried by a fuel cell system is primarily dependent on the amount of fuel that is carried, rather than

Fuel Cell Power Module for APU and Electric Vehicle Range Extension

Fuel cells provide a number of performance and environmental advantages for vehicles as either auxiliary power units or range extenders for electric vehicles
M-Field Energy LTD

Onsite Hydrogen Production

Modular electrolyser producing hydrogen gas, for storing energy, for use as a clean fuel or process gas. Makes clean hydrogen from water … an end to bottled gas deliveries and a start to producing hydrogen where and when you need it
ITM Power

Hydrogen Renewable Energy Storage for Utilities

Increased global deployment of renewable energy presents an interesting opportunity for hydrogen infrastructure projects. One of the principal challenges with renewables is matching supply and demand – the wind isn’t necessarily blowing when you need the electricity
Proton OnSite

Optimise System Performance/Cost with Bac2 Moulded Plates

Critical Factors to Achieving an Optimised System - Contact Resistance and Surface Roughness
Bac2 Conductive Composites

Durable Ceramic Membrane Still Flexible after Heat Stress

Thin E-Strate™ technology provides the basis for producing thin, flexible ceramic substrates. The density, high strength and chemically inert properties of the fired material result in gas tight membranes that are excellent choices for severe environment and/or extreme temperature applications
ENrG Incorporated

Thin E-Strate™ - Strong and Flexible Substrate for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Non-FC Applications, Button Cells Now Available for Evaluation!

ENrG Inc. is targeting Fuel Cell developers and non-FC applications with button cell size evaluation kits of 40 microns thick Thin E-Strate™. The Starter Packs are offered in the following sizes and quantities: 20-pack of 25mm diameter substrates, 10 pack of 20mm x 50mm, 10-pack of
ENrG Incorporated

100 Watt to 20kW Fuel Cell Power Systems for Portable, Transport and Stationary Applications

Tropical S.A. has been manufacturing Fuel Cell Power Systems ranging from 100Watt to 20kW for 15 years. Throughout the years, several projects have been concluded while others are still in progress but all of them are focussed on the commercialization of Fuel Cell Products into the market
Tropical S.A.

CEKA is a reliable partner for system integrators

CEKA AG has industrialized fuel cell technology made in Switzerland. The result is a new product line of PEM Stacks: the IHPoS-SA product line

New Developments in SGL Groups Optimized Gas Diffusion Layers

We continually explore opportunities within all fuel cell environments and applications, and invite stack and MEA developers to contact us to explore using our GDL in their products
SGL Technologies GmbH

Tar Reforming Catalyst for Gasification and Fuel Processing Applications

NexTech’s non-precious metal catalyst is effective for steam and dry reforming of tars and methane in gasified biomass. This catalyst provides exceptional stability during reforming of simulated biomass gasifier exhaust in the presence of ethane, ethylene and H2S
NexTech Materials, Ltd

Order a book about the „Hydrogen Society“ and get one HZwei-issue for free.

The publisher Hydrogeit Verlag presents the new book from Arno A. Evers “Hydrogen Society – More than just a vision?”. Order it now and get an issue of the magazine HZwei for free

Seeking Fuel Cell System Integrators to Develop Next Generation Stationary Power Solutions

For stationary power applications specifically we are looking for system integrators who are interested in incorporating our range of 1 – 30 kW fuel cell stacks in their system designs

Protective Coatings for SOFC Interconnects

NexTech Materials offers coating technology to enhance the lifetime of stainless steel interconnects in SOFC stacks. Coordinating with your technical team, NexTech can provide high-value coating suspensions for your specific component design and process technology
NexTech Materials, Ltd

Quiet and Low Carbon Fuel Cell Trailer Available for Powering UK Festivals and Events

Logan Energy has built fuel cell trailer designed as a fuel cell outreach and demonstration tool for use at festivals and events. The unit can be used as a power source for a wide range of applications at events
Logan Energy Limited

Reliable Low Carbon Power for Rail UPS and Backup Power

Traditional forms of backup / standby power have their limitations. Generators are notoriously unreliable and require frequent maintenance. Batteries require space and cooling and have a limited autonomy. Particularly in remote locations, fuel cells offer a range of benefits
Dantherm Power

New Product with Higher Hydrogen Production Capability for Fuelling Applications

The new FuelGen65® from Proton Energy Systems is the highest production PEM electrolyser for fuelling applications available on the market. The FuelGen65®on-site hydrogen generation system is an integrated, automated, site-ready package that allows for quick installation and deployment
Proton OnSite

HEXIM - Improved Thermal Management of SOFC, MCFC, PEM and HTPEM Fuel Cell and Reformer Systems

HEXIM™ is an economical insulation housing providing convective (or conductive) system thermal management with integrated air manifolds. HEXIM™ increases overall system efficiency by routing recuperated heat via integrated ducting
ENrG Incorporated

Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Climate change legislation and rising concern over fuel prices and security mean that businesses and government are seeking means to reduce their carbon emissions, fuel consumption and dependency on fossil fuels. Fuel Cells provide a more efficient means to produce electricity and heat
Logan Energy Limited

Containerised Hydrogen Production Module

We have developed a containerised version of our new FuelGen® 65 designed to provide a flexible and transportable onsite hydrogen production and fuelling system
Proton OnSite

ClearPak Premium Experiment Training Set for Colleges, Universites and Educational Applications

We are now proposing the Premium version of our Fuel Cell Training Set. It includes several additional tools such as H2 pressure reducer, FC temperature sensor and display, air breathing compression plate, calibrated torque screwdriver, additional H2 storage and spare parts
Pragma Industries

10kW Fuel Cell UPS for Asian Telecoms Operators

Fuel Cells offer a number of advantages over existing technologies for UPS / Backup Power Applications. M-Field Energy Ltd has developed a 10kW hydrogen fuel cell system design to meet the demands of Asian telecom operators
M-Field Energy LTD

Reliable and Temperature Tolerant Power for Asian UPS and Backup Power Markets

Dantherm Power is looking to further deploy its fuel cell backup power / UPS technology in Asian Markets.
Dantherm Power

Onsite Hydrogen Production for Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle Projects

ITM Power can provide a turnkey, tailor made, modular/scalable and transportable hydrogen refuelling solution for your hydrogen fuelled (fuel cell or ICE) vehicle project
ITM Power

Seeking Electrolyte-Supported SOFC Partners Interested in our Durable Electrolyte Technology

ENrG Inc. specializes in development and manufacturing of critical ceramic components for diverse energy applications. ThinESC™ fuel cells for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology enables the fabrication of thin and flexible electrolyte-supported sheets providing extreme durability in
ENrG Incorporated

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