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This portal page aggregates information relevant to Fuel Cell Combined Heat & Power Applications.

There are an increasing number of Fuel Cell Combined Heat & Power Systems on the market.

If your business is active in combined heat and power markets and is looking to establish business relationships with fuel cell suppliers, please either click here for opportunities with Fuel Cell Markets Partners or contact Fuel Cell Markets directly.

Advantages and benefits of Fuel Cells for Combined Heat & Power Applications

  • Distributed generation of heat and power this can lead to considerable long term cost savings
  • Effective use of heat at the point of use increasing overall system efficiency
  • Reduced frequency of maintenance and routine shutdowns
  • Security of supply the grid is not relied upon and can be used as backup
  • Negligible NOx, SOx and particulates means fuel cells can be installed almost anywhere e.g. next to playgrounds and on rooftops
  • Very low noise and vibrations reduces the need for sound proofing and insulation - saving money
  • Fuel Diversity including natural gas, waste water treatment gas, bio gas and syngas
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