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Fuel cell offer a number of advantages over traditional diesel generators including:

  • Maintenance fuel cells have very few moving parts which reduces the need for regular maintenance. They also do not require lubricants.
  • Quality of power Fuel cells produce a pure sine wave of current.
  • Runtime fuel cells operate as long as there is available fuel
  • Noise fuel cells have few moving parts and when compared to generators are considerably quieter and do not vibrate like generators.
  • Environmental Unlike generators, fuel cells do not use combustion and therefore there are no NOx, SOx or particulate emissions from the unit.
  • Combined heat and power fuel cells can be used to generate heat and power yielding a greater overall system and efficiency. They can also replace the need for expensive and inefficient heating oil systems.
  • Fuel Flexibility fuel cells can operate on a range of fuels (depending upon technology) including propane, LPG, natural gas and hydrogen (These systems can be used in conjunction with renewable energy technologies as renewable energy storage systems. A combination of renewables, electrolysers, hydrogen storage and fuel cells can be used to provide a zero emission off gird energy system.)
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